Counterpoint: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Using iMessage

Nobody enjoys being ignored. It is the worst, most loathsome feeling in the world. And being ignored via text message is the double worst, because your whole body is practically salivating for that familiar chime or buzz alert, and it just. never. comes. It's like the worst, most emotionally fraught, prolonged sneeze.… » 8/09/12 2:00am 8/09/12 2:00am

Rumor: Apple Releasing iOS 5.0.2 To Fix Battery Issue (For Reals This…

You know the saying "measure twice, cut once"? Looks like Apple's measuring twice and cutting twice to overcome the battery issues that still plague iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S; the company will reportedly push another update next week to fix the problem. Fingers crossed. » 11/16/11 1:47pm 11/16/11 1:47pm

iOS 5 Battery Help Is Almost Here

A few days ago, Apple admitted that there's an unknown issue with the iPhone 4S's battery performance, and two days ago it seeded a beta for iOS 5.0.1 to developers to try to address the problem. Now Beta 2's already been pushed out, which shows that Apple's taking this battery business seriously. » 11/04/11 2:00pm 11/04/11 2:00pm

Why You're Gonna Get Stalked by Your iPhone Like Never Before with iOS 5

Apple's latest iOS brings enhanced location services to your iPhone. So enhanced that some apps make it seem a little bit scary at just how well they're tracking you, even when the app isn't running—but it's a good thing! Right? » 10/14/11 10:51am 10/14/11 10:51am