These Are the 10 Airlines Now Compatible With Apple's Passbook

As one of the billboard features of Apple iOS 6, Passbook has proven way more useful than we initially anticipated. Amtrak, Fandango, and sports ticketing integration have already made it a welcome addition. But what's really going to make this a killer feature in the future is having all of the world's airlines on… »11/28/12 11:22am11/28/12 11:22am

Steve Jobs Wanted Google Search Eradicated from iOS

Bloomberg Businessweek's analytical dissection of Apple post-iPhone 5 launch is mostly full of things we already knew: Tim Cook is different than Steve Jobs. Apple is still doing really, really, phenomenally well. Everyone hates Apple Maps. But one thing that stood out was the fact that Steve Jobs was so incensed with… »10/03/12 12:20pm10/03/12 12:20pm

Apple Adds New Maps Section to App Store to Help You Replace the iOS 6 Horror Show

Buried within Tim Cook's apology for the embarrassment that is Apple Maps was the candid suggestion that people go try the many other map applications and websites out there. Well, now Apple has gone one step further, adding a whole featured section to the App Store for maps from third party developers. That's a big… »9/28/12 1:52pm9/28/12 1:52pm