Guest'd: A Lovely, Modern Way to Keep Track of Your Visitors

My mother loves to entertain, and when I was a kid she started keeping a guest book. Whoever visited our home would sign it, along with a little note and their address. I still like looking back at it now, because it brings up memories of family gatherings, dinner parties, and holiday celebrations. While the concept… » 7/11/12 6:00pm 7/11/12 6:00pm

Adorable "Tiny Wings" iPhone Game Lets You Help A Little Bird Fly

Tiny Wings is a lovely one-button touch game for iOS, featuring a tiny bird who dreams of flying. Only problem is, his wings are too small. With each tap, you tuck in the little guy's feathers to slide up and down the hills, gaining enough momentum to fly off one of the bigger slopes when your timing is just right.… » 2/22/11 10:48pm 2/22/11 10:48pm

iPhone App Enlarges Your Penis Through Hypnotherapy—REALLY (UPDATE: Apple Pulled the App)

After the iPhone app that fixed erectile dysfunction through soundwaves, here comes another wonder of science: Penis Enlargement. "Enlarge your penis effortlessly with hypnosis. Do you want to enlarge your penis with the push of a button?" the description says. [Updated] » 11/23/10 12:40pm 11/23/10 12:40pm