How Far Companies Will Go to Protect You From Copyright Bullies

When somebody wants to silence speech, they often use the quickest method available. When the speech is hosted on a major online platform, that method is usually a copyright or trademark complaint. » 10/28/14 9:55am 10/28/14 9:55am

Why Ikea Shutting Down Its Most Popular Fan Site Is a Giant Mistake

If you're like me, you've spent countless hours surfing IkeaHackers, where Ikea fans send in their mods and hacks. You've also probably spent money at Ikea thanks to the site, which has inspired a DIY fervor among its fans. Which is why Ikea shutting down IkeaHackers this weekend over trademark claims is beyond… » 6/16/14 12:05pm 6/16/14 12:05pm

Skype Investigating Vulnerability Which Reveals Users' IP Adresses

Skype has announced that it is investigating a new tool which can be used to collect users' IP addresses. The hack, which can provide the IP address of a targeted Skype user without even having to add them as a contact, has been circulating online since last Thursday. » 5/01/12 4:23am 5/01/12 4:23am

Hawaii Wants to Ruin Paradise By Invading Your Privacy and Keeping…

Hawaii! You're supposed to be the state that us contiguous folks dream about moving to so we can escape the noise and interwaves of computers and Internet. You're not supposed to be the state that pushes a ridiculous invasion of privacy bill that requires every Internet provider to keep track of every single website… » 1/26/12 2:20pm 1/26/12 2:20pm

PayPal Fights Back By Giving 1,000 Anonymous IPs to the FBI

Looks like it's PayPal's turn in this volley. After Anonymous started an anti-PayPal campaign last week in response to all the recent arrests, PayPal has come back with what they believe are the IP addresses of those responsible for last year's DDoS attacks on their servers. » 7/31/11 11:00am 7/31/11 11:00am

How Are 20% of Human Genes Patented?

John Sulston, along with Sarah Chan and John Harris, write that scientific process is being stymied due to excessive ownership of scientific intellectual property. One of the more troubling statistics? Private companies have patented nearly 20% of human genes. » 6/14/11 9:20pm 6/14/11 9:20pm

Samsung Follows Through on Apple Lawsuit Threat

Lawyer fight! After Apple sued Samsung up and down for alleged mobile patent infringement, the defense has wasted little time in mounting a counterattack of the "no, YOU are" variety. Samsung has filed complaints against Apple in Seoul, Tokyo, and Germany, saying that Apple in fact infringed on their patents. » 4/22/11 11:39am 4/22/11 11:39am

The Pornographers Have Turned On the Pirates

Axel Braun, pornographic auteur, has filed a federal copyright suit against nearly 7,100 individuals. The offense? Sharing his Batman XXX: A Porn Parody via torrents. It's basically a NSFW version of the summer's Hurt Locker case. » 11/03/10 9:40am 11/03/10 9:40am

HP Laying Off Palm Employees

What do you do after you pay $1.2 billion for a company? You gut 'em. Or that's what HP is doing to Palm. AllThingsD is reporting that HP is cutting "former Palm staffers from its ranks". It's proving, what everyone sort of thought already, that HP is buying Palm more for its IP and technology than for its talent. » 7/02/10 4:56pm 7/02/10 4:56pm

Botnet Baddies Setting Up Own ISPs For Unfettered Spamming

Well, this is equal parts frightening and annoying: malware writers and their lot have been buying up data centers and getting approved for large blocks of IP space. What's that mean? That they can pretty much run rampant. » 12/22/09 5:20pm 12/22/09 5:20pm

Is Apple Taking the Internet Seriously Now?

Apple's always been a particular kind of company, obsessed with experiences, controlling them, end to end. But those they've always been centered around the traditional desktop. Until Apple bought Lala. Is Apple taking the internet seriously now? » 12/13/09 4:07pm 12/13/09 4:07pm

Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and DARPA To Create Military-Friendly…

Lockheed Martin is getting a $31 million contract by the US government to work on reinventing TCP/IP for a new Military Network Protocol. Also lending a hand in this effort to create a proper cyber-arsenal is Microsoft. What a team! » 10/16/09 7:27pm 10/16/09 7:27pm

Gmail Offering Automatic Location-Based Signatures

If you're a world traveler, or even if you're traveling abroad for the first time and need absolutely everyone to know, Gmail now offers an option to include your location in the signature. » 2/11/09 2:00pm 2/11/09 2:00pm

iPhone Apps Could Get Influx of VoIP Functionality

While AT&T terms of service don't allow customers to use their 3G internet to provide voice over IP, iPhone users could still save minutes utilizing VoIP over Wi-Fi. And a company named Global IP Solutions plans to release a VoIP software development kit for the iPhone that will not only allow developers to more… » 8/12/08 1:40pm 8/12/08 1:40pm

iPhone / iPod TiVoRemote App Makes Telnet Control Easy

Remember when we showed you an iPhone controlling a TiVo over IP by means of Telnet? Well, over at the TiVo Community Forum, a user named Duckfin has compiled a "quick and dirty little program" that gives the iPhone and iPod touch a proper TiVo Remote. The app which is named TiVoRemote, no surprise there, actually… » 5/08/08 7:45pm 5/08/08 7:45pm

AT&T Turns On Ultra-Fa(s)t 40Gbps Backbone Network

Before everyone gets Godzilla bandwidth, the backbone pipes have gotta be able to fit Mothra and the rest of the crew in the system to prevent backups and bottlenecks. So AT&T's plumped their backbone up with a new 40Gbps (OC-768) network on 50,000 of its wavelength miles, making it the first provider to carry traffic… » 12/11/07 12:10pm 12/11/07 12:10pm

DirecTV Offering Powerline Broadband/VOIP

We (ok, I) always thought that sending broadband over powerlines was one of those empty threats used to gain leverage on cable and DSL providers. But DirecTV has just announced a partnership with Current Group to provide their Dallas/Fort Worth market with high speed Internet through their wall sockets. » 8/15/07 8:59am 8/15/07 8:59am

Arizona Cardinal's Techie Stadium

It's alright football fans, today is the beginning of the cold/dark winter and spring season when football is non-existent. Yeah, I could watch Arena football and I could also stab myself in the face with a spoon, but I'm not doing either. Here is a little football news to hopefully hold you out another week or so. » 2/19/06 10:00am 2/19/06 10:00am