PS3 HD Video on Demand Service Crashes Into Japan Next Year

The PS3's still got a long ways to go to catch up to the Xbox 360 in the online space, and their next step toward it with an HD VOD service seems kind of lackluster. It's launching next year in Japan only. And the launch content seems pretty anemic unless you're into cars and racing: "motor-racing vids" and a BBC car… » 11/30/07 7:15pm 11/30/07 7:15pm

Blockbuster Wants to Bring the Joy of No Late Fees to Your Cellphone

After getting reamed by Q3 losses and basically conceding the online rental space to Netflix, Blockbuster looked to be refocusing on its B&M stores, ironically signified by its installation of in-store digital rental kiosks. So naturally its next move is cellphones. Yeah. Says CEO James Keyes: » 11/28/07 6:20pm 11/28/07 6:20pm