Best Buy Will Give You At Least $200 for Your Old iPad 2 or iPad 3

That old iPad 2 of yours too blurry for your precious eyes? That fantastically beautiful screen on the iPad 3 too heavy to lift for your puny muscles? Best Buy is willing to take those old tablets off your hands for at least 200 bucks. This Friday June 12th and Saturday June 13th, Best Buy is doing a trade-in event… » 7/11/13 7:37pm 7/11/13 7:37pm

The 10 Most Important Tablets of 2012

The tablet market went through some huge changes in 2012. Apple finally introduced a (somewhat) more affordable iPad. Microsoft released Windows 8 and launched its own hardware. And for the first time, every major player had a tablet that was actually, you know, good. » 12/06/12 5:40pm 12/06/12 5:40pm

You Can Buy an iPad 3 with Retina Display for Cheaper Than the iPad 2

Dealzmodo! If you're looking for the cheapest full-sized iPad available, it's not the iPad 2 which still costs $400 brand new. Instead, the best deal on an iPad is the third-generation iPad with Retina Display. You can get it for only $380. » 10/23/12 9:22pm 10/23/12 9:22pm

Is This a Refreshed iPad 3 With a Lightning Port?

We've already heard rumors that Tuesday's Apple event will include not only the fabled iPad Minis, but a refreshed version of the big guy, perhaps with new internals, and a lightning port. This maybe could be it, maybe. And who doesn't love to speculate? » 10/21/12 2:00pm 10/21/12 2:00pm

Apple Might Introduce a Better iPad 3 with a Lightning Adapter Next…

We've seen evidence of a faster iPad 3 using the Apple A6 processor before and now 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple will announce a "refreshed version" of the full sized, 9.7-inch iPad with Retina Display at next week's event. It looks like we might be getting a new updated iPad sooner than we thought. » 10/19/12 10:26pm 10/19/12 10:26pm

Is There an Updated, Faster Version of the iPad 3 Coming?

This is interesting. MacRumors reports that an iOS developer found a new, unknown iPad device showing up in his app analytics. Though that usually means the next version of the iPad, the unknown iPad actually had the same footprint as the current iPad 3—but with the faster processor of the iPhone 5. Hmm... » 10/05/12 9:48pm 10/05/12 9:48pm

18 Photos That Show Tablets Still Make Lousy Cameras

Last week, I challenged Gizmodo readers to take some amazing photos with tablets. What I got was only a few entries from people who mostly lamented the experience. Sorry guys! But at least we followed up on a hunch. » 3/20/12 2:40pm 3/20/12 2:40pm

This Is the Only Reviewer With Balls to Tell You the Truth About the…

I'm going to be one of those suckers who is going to buy the new iPad tomorrow. Mainly because my first generation tablet feels as slow as drunk crippled panda sex. And I hate pandas. This review, however, puts things in perspective. » 3/15/12 5:26pm 3/15/12 5:26pm

Where to Buy a New iPad in Person Today

So you've read the reviews, pored over the specs, and decided you definitely, absolutely want the new iPad. Congrats! Except pre-orders are already backed up two-to-three weeks, and morons like this have been camping out for most of the week. But don't worry; plenty of places other than the Apple Store will have new… » 3/15/12 4:20pm 3/15/12 4:20pm

If You Pre-Order a New iPad Now, You Won't Get It on Launch Day

Were you hoping to pre-order a new iPad from Apple and receive it on launch day (March 16)? Guess what, you're already too late. The earliest ship date for new pre-orders at this point is March 19th. Oh well, there's always the line outside the Apple Store. [Business Insider] » 3/09/12 4:25pm 3/09/12 4:25pm

Watch the Entire Apple iPad Keynote Now

What a day! We got the beautiful new retina display iPad and the new HD Apple TV we were expecting. But the Apple keynote was packed with information about Apple's new products. If you missed the liveblog action—or in case you want to bask in the excitement of Tim Cook's presentation skills—you can now watch today's… » 3/07/12 3:23pm 3/07/12 3:23pm