Why Your iPhone Is Secretly Tracking You: A Very Probable Explanation…

Why has your iPhone been secretly recording everywhere you go since iOS4, in a way that a simple program can extract everywhere you've been from either your iPhone or your computer? Well, probably, a bug. » 4/21/11 1:14pm 4/21/11 1:14pm

How to Access Internet With the iPad 3G Without Paying Extra

You don't have to pay AT&T twice to access the internet with your iPad 3G if you have an iPhone 4. You can use the iPhone 4 Micro SIM card as long as you introduce the use the settings above. » 7/09/10 11:00pm 7/09/10 11:00pm

FCC Ramping Up Web Security After iPad Breach and Google Street View…

Unlike you guys, the FCC is taking the iPad security breach a little more seriously. The two high profile issues are causing the FCC to step up their scrutiny of online security and privacy issues. They're calling the iPad breach a "classic security breach" and have put cyber security on high priority through their… » 6/11/10 1:59pm 6/11/10 1:59pm

FBI Begins Investigating AT&T iPad 3G Security Breach

The WSJ is reporting that the FBI has opened up an investigation into the AT&T security breach that revealed the ICC-IDs and email addresses of many iPad 3G owners. » 6/10/10 6:15pm 6/10/10 6:15pm

The Little Feature That Led to AT&T's iPad Security Breach

The second question about the AT&T iPad security breach, after "Should I be freaking out?" is "How the hell did it happen?" Well, AT&T was just trying to make your life easier. » 6/09/10 9:19pm 6/09/10 9:19pm

AT&T Considering Selling Unlimited iPad 3G Plan WIthout the iPad

Apparently there's some stampede on 3G iPads, which are in short supply, so that new customers can activate $30 3G unlimited plans before Monday, when they're banished forever. As a solution, AT&T is considering selling the iPad 3G data plan without an iPad 3G over the weekend—one that could be linked to your iPad… » 6/04/10 10:57am 6/04/10 10:57am

Say Goodbye to AT&T's Unlimited Data Plan For The iPad 3G

AT&T announced some changes to the iPhone data plans, but iPad 3G owners are affected, too: AT&T is doing away with the $30/month unlimited data plan. Instead you'll pay $25/month for 2GB: » 6/02/10 3:27am 6/02/10 3:27am

Which iPad Did You Buy?

Whichever iPad you wanted, it's out now—from the basic $500 model to the fully loaded $830 64GB totally stacked version with 3G and GPS. So, which one did you buy? » 5/03/10 4:59pm 5/03/10 4:59pm

An ABC iPad App That Streams Lost Over 3G Is Almost Here [UPDATED]

ABC's iPad app was one of the few we tested that flat-out didn't play video over 3G—unlike Netflix and YouTube, which play degraded video—but Business Insider hears a 3G-compatible version has already been submitted to the App Store. » 5/03/10 3:25pm 5/03/10 3:25pm

DIY: Run iPad 3G on T-Mobile's EDGE Network

The non-carrier locked iPad 3G won't run on other networks without a little love. That love was detailed today by iPad Insider in this untested DIY project. » 5/02/10 2:30pm 5/02/10 2:30pm

Certain iPad 3G Apps Having Trouble With Video

Launch day jitters or something more? These are the questions circling around the iPad 3G today, as owners of the new tablet are finding video playback is not as "magical" on their device as it is on the wifi version. » 5/02/10 1:00pm 5/02/10 1:00pm

iPad 3G Dismantled: There Are Five Antennas

We've seen its communications board before, but now the entire iPad 3G has been torn open and had its parts analyzed. Here's what makes it different from a Wi-Fi-only iPad according to the guys at iFixit: » 4/30/10 11:38pm 4/30/10 11:38pm

Apple iPad 3G Already Jailbroken

Well, this didn't take long: According to the Dev Team, the iPad 3G is just as easy to jailbreak as the Wi-Fi-only iPad. And they've got the video to prove it. [Dev TeamThanks, Beatrice!] » 4/30/10 6:10pm 4/30/10 6:10pm

iPad 3G Test Notes

The iPad 3G is the iPad I've been waiting for. It's got two things the regular iPad doesn't: 3G internet from AT&T and assisted GPS. The results we got from testing might surprise you, I think. Updated. » 4/30/10 5:20pm 4/30/10 5:20pm

AT&T Selling Micro SIM with Full SIM Adapter? (Update: Don't Think So)

The iPad 3G may require a micro SIM—a lilliputian SIM card incompatible with anything else you own—but AT&T will be selling each bundled with a full SIM card adapter—meaning you could potentially use your data plan elsewhere. UPDATE: » 4/29/10 8:28am 4/29/10 8:28am

The Final Details on the iPad's 3G Data Plans

I'm already a firm believer in the iPad 3G and its no-contract data plans, but AT&T's released the nitty gritty details, in case you wanted to check the fine print. Pretty much the same, but a few new bits. » 4/28/10 12:19pm 4/28/10 12:19pm

Surprise Surprise, Pre-Ordered iPad 3G Begins Shipping

Being the 28th of April, it figures that iPad 3G pre-order customers have begun receiving confirmation their iPad 3Gs are shipping. They should be dropping on doormats this Friday, or available in-store after 5pm that day. [9to5Mac] » 4/28/10 4:56am 4/28/10 4:56am

iPad 3G Available Starting April 30th

Want to know when your pre-ordered iPad will arrive? April 30th. If you planned to buy one from an Apple Store? That'll be the same day, starting at 5pm. PM. So sleep in, nerds. » 4/20/10 8:32am 4/20/10 8:32am

iPad 3G Shipping by May 7

There's an update to Apple's online store: A shipping date for the iPad 3G has been added. Apparently the device will head your way by May 7—unless you've preordered and are receiving it in late April. [AppleThanks, Matt!] » 4/19/10 2:49am 4/19/10 2:49am

This Is What Makes the iPad 3G Different From What You'll Buy Tomorrow

We've already seen the insides of the Wi-Fi only iPad, but now the 3G version of the shiny Apple device is baring its soul—its communication board. [iFixIt] » 4/02/10 8:32pm 4/02/10 8:32pm