iPad Apps of the Week: Ikea, ACI Cockpit360, and More

Imgur: Imgur, everyone's favorite super simple image hosting site, has had an Android app out for about a month now. As of today, though, the app is also available for iOS users, and now nearly everyone can be just a little bit less productive, together. You can do virtually everything you'd be doing on the web:… » 8/02/13 6:00pm 8/02/13 6:00pm

iPad Apps of the Week: Guide, WunderMap, and More

The iPad offerings were all over the place, jumping from intensive weather details to a news-reading puppy to enough emoji to ensure that you never have to use words for feelings ever again. But then again, that's what life is all about, after all—anthropomorphized dogs and avoiding face-to-face human interactions at… » 7/12/13 6:00pm 7/12/13 6:00pm