Earliest iPhone 4 and iPad Prototypes Look Pretty Ridiculous Today

The iPhone 4 and iPad we know today are gadgetry in the extreme—digital pieces of paper, if you will. Nothing garish, nothing in excess. And that's mostly true in their prototypes! But some of these leaked early iPhone and iPad prototypes? They're bonkers. » 7/26/12 6:30pm 7/26/12 6:30pm

Here's the Real Original iPad Prototype in All Its Fat Glory

Unbelievably, the real, actual iPad prototype looks even bigger and fatter than what we saw in the mockup of it. BuzzFeed FWD has real pictures of the iPad prototype compared with the iPad 2 and it completely dwarfs the skinny tablet we know. » 7/18/12 5:29pm 7/18/12 5:29pm

This Was One of the Original iPad Prototypes

If you know your bit of technology history, you'd know that Apple was actually working on an iPad before it developed the iPhone. What did those iPad prototypes look like? Well, according to these earliest known photos of an iPad prototype from the early 2000's, it looked really, really fat. » 7/18/12 12:38pm 7/18/12 12:38pm