Griffin's DJ Cable Makes iPad DJing Significantly Easier

DJing on an iPad is an interesting, if gimmicky, concept. But unless you're just using an iPad as a MIDI controller, simultaneously outputting sound while cueing up the next track isn't possible. Except now it is. » 6/16/11 5:40pm 6/16/11 5:40pm

DJ Miguel and His iPad Party Dolls Either Just Reinvented Music or…

Combine equal parts DJ Miguel, middle-grade strippers, iPads embedded into guitars, iOS music apps, twins, record scratching, cowbell, and what do you get? A piece of sonic expression that is beyond any explanation, classification or definition. [XLR8R] » 5/25/11 10:40pm 5/25/11 10:40pm

iPad DJs Show You How It's Done (Literally and Figuratively)

Cut past the nerdy hipster schtick, and—if you're not trying to DIY—the technical orientation. Starting at 5:20, these guys bust a surprisingly palatable mashup of Prince, Vampire Weekend, G'N'R, Eurythmics and... I Dream of Jeannie. » 4/30/10 12:20am 4/30/10 12:20am