HP Shows Off Two New iPaq Phones: One Touch, One Not

HP's rumored touchscreen handset has showed up in the for of the iPaq Data Communicator, a pop-out QWERTY Windows Mobile handset, with a solid but predictable spec sheet. You'll find a full range of 3G capabilities, Wi-Fi, a-GPS, a 3.1MP camera with autofocus and flash all behind a 2.8in, 320 x 240 screen, controlled… » 10/21/08 7:26am 10/21/08 7:26am

iPaq 110 and 210 Apparently Cost Money

From rumor to fact, we've watched as HP has revived their iPaq line. The first two units will be coming out in just two days, on October 8th. Featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, identical 624mHz processors and WM6 Pro, the cheaper 110 will run $299 while its older brother the 210 will cost $399. » 10/06/07 6:29pm 10/06/07 6:29pm

Revived HP iPAQ 900, 600, 200, 100 Line (Some With 3D Maps, Mountains…

Those leaked pics and specs for a new line of HP iPAQs turned out to be spot on, U.S. model numbers aside. Led by the formidably spec'd iPAQ 900 Business Messenger smartphone, the lineup consists of another smartphone (600 Business Navigator, the 900's QWERTY-less little bro), two "classic handhelds," (the 100 and… » 9/06/07 5:54am 9/06/07 5:54am

HP iPAQ Photos and Specs Leaked?

Rumblings of HP's return to the hand held world are looking more solid with a complete lineup of very legitimate looking iPAQs. We'll run you through it wham-bam-thank-you-ma'm style. Hit the jump and let's do this thing. » 9/05/07 10:29am 9/05/07 10:29am

HP IPAQ 510 Voice Messenger: A Half-Assed Revival for the Brand

HP's IPAQ brand is back from the dead with this slim phone that looks nothing like the whale-ish IPAQ PDAs of yesteryear. The Windows mobile 6 phone has additions by HP that let it read emails and other text sources, and let you do your best Piccard impressions to open apps ("Computer! Make it SO".) The phone has EDGE… » 2/12/07 9:46am 2/12/07 9:46am

Cingular Rolls Out TeleNav GPS Navigator Service

Along with its shiny new HP iPAQ hw6920 it launched today, Cingular also rolled out its version of the TeleNav GPS navigation service, barking out turn-by-turn directions without requiring you to buy a separate receiver. Yep, these phones have a satellite receiver built-in. » 10/25/06 12:41pm 10/25/06 12:41pm

HP iPAQ rx5900 Travel Companion Reviewed (Verdict: Best Hybrid Yet)

HP pals up with Tom Tom, and the result is the iPAQ rx5900 Travel Companion ($599), bringing together well-designed hardware with a friendly user interface. Laptop Magazine liked the way it feels like a full-fledged GPS device and a first-rate pocket PC, too, with neither seeming to be an afterthought. » 9/29/06 2:10pm 9/29/06 2:10pm

HP iPAQ rx4000: Mobile Media and PDA Hybrid is Sexy (For an iPAQ)

HP, we've always loved you for your brains. But we're glad you've gone ahead and made a mobile gadget that doesn't look like its meant for the corporate goon-squad. What we have here is a design-y Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC device, with WiFi and Bluetooth for net-and-more connectivity. Like most full featured… » 9/05/06 2:39pm 9/05/06 2:39pm

Cingular Gets HTC Star Trek and hw6920, hw6925 iPAQs Next Week

Looks like the HTC Star Trek launch date for Cingular was pretty much on target. The $100 rebate available for the phone seems to be there as well. » 8/01/06 3:13pm 8/01/06 3:13pm

iPAQ USB Music Dock

Stop the presses, a non-iPod music player dock is on the loose. Designed for the HP iPAQ rw6818/6828, this dock does most everything you'd expect a dock to do, like charge your player and play back your tunes with a set of stereo speakers. Even though it's designed with the iPAQ in mind, a line-in lets you connect… » 7/17/06 11:09am 7/17/06 11:09am

HP Wont Include 3G in Smartphones Until 2007

HP vice president Chi-Teik See said HP won't support 3G in its smartphones until at least next year. Despite 3G's comparitively fast 384kbps bandwidth and the numerous 3G handsets already available, Chin-Teik noted that 3G occupies just 3% of the cellphone space, calling it a nascent market. He also mentioned that 3G… » 3/06/06 9:57am 3/06/06 9:57am

HP Releases iPAQ hw6900 Smartphone

HP introduced its iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger, running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and claiming to be the first smartphone with four radios: quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. Also included is a 1.3 megapixel camera. A key feature of this unit is its ability to play along with Microsoft's Messaging… » 2/13/06 11:11am 2/13/06 11:11am

HP hw6900 Series Leaked

Looks like HP is popping out a new iPaq, the hw6900 with Windows Mobile 5.0, Wi-Fi, and a mini SD slot. It's essentially the hw6515 sans full-sized SD card slot. All we've got so far is some sort of manual for the hw6910. » 2/02/06 11:00am 2/02/06 11:00am

DavesiPaq = MobilityToday

So it looks like the PDA is truly and verily dead. The venerable DavesiPaq, home of all things PDA, is now MobilityToday, which is focusing on old men wearing jackets and other mobile technology. Anyway, it's interesting to see the old guard move on past the buzzwords of yore. » 11/09/05 3:13pm 11/09/05 3:13pm

HP iPaq rx1950 - The Small One

Lots of handheld news today. The iPaq rx1950 looks like a stunted little thing but it's quite powerful and runs Windows Mobile 5.0. The 3.5-inch TFT screen is another plus but the 300Mhz processor places this firmly in the lower stratum of handheld majesty. Styling, however, is just about perfect and Windows Mobile… » 9/26/05 4:20pm 9/26/05 4:20pm

HP iPAQ hx2795 Reviewed (Verdict: Fast)

I am so far out of the PDA loop that it's nice to see that, in a way, I'm not missing much. PDAs are following the same path they've always taken—shadow the laptop market as much as possible and dumb things down a bit for on-the-road apps. Amazingly, however, the hx2795 comes with a 624Mhz processor which is just… » 9/26/05 12:51pm 9/26/05 12:51pm

HP iPaq rx1950 with... Windows Mobile 5.0?

Whoa. According to this forum poster on this Spanish PocketPC forum, there are apparently several new HP iPaq models in sight; namely, the rx1900 models: rx1950 and rx1955. My Spanish is a little rusty, but according to Mr. Google Translator, these are the specs of the rumored iPaq:
» 8/24/05 12:00pm 8/24/05 12:00pm

Hands on with the HP iPAQ hw6515

We know you are sick of hearing about this thing, but this one will be quick, I promise. The lab monkeys over at PC Magazine have gotten a hold of one of these beauties and have offered up a miniature preview/review. They sum it up by saying this PDA is the cat s pajamas in GPS and e-mail, but seems to have some… » 8/18/05 10:51am 8/18/05 10:51am

HP iPAQ hw6515 Now On Microsoft.com

DavesiPaq clues us in that the HP iPAQ hw6515 has made an appearance on Microsoft's Windows Mobile site, which probably means it's going to be released soon. The page lists full specifications of the hw6515, like the 64 MB SDRAM, 3-inch transflective TFT display, SD/MMC card slot, integrated quad band, EDGE support,… » 8/18/05 8:22am 8/18/05 8:22am