HP Shows Off Two New iPaq Phones: One Touch, One Not

HP's rumored touchscreen handset has showed up in the for of the iPaq Data Communicator, a pop-out QWERTY Windows Mobile handset, with a solid but predictable spec sheet. You'll find a full range of 3G capabilities, Wi-Fi, a-GPS, a 3.1MP camera with autofocus and flash all behind a 2.8in, 320 x 240 screen, controlled… » 10/21/08 7:26am 10/21/08 7:26am

Revived HP iPAQ 900, 600, 200, 100 Line (Some With 3D Maps, Mountains and Buildings)

Those leaked pics and specs for a new line of HP iPAQs turned out to be spot on, U.S. model numbers aside. Led by the formidably spec'd iPAQ 900 Business Messenger smartphone, the lineup consists of another smartphone (600 Business Navigator, the 900's QWERTY-less little bro), two "classic handhelds," (the 100 and… » 9/06/07 5:54am 9/06/07 5:54am

HP IPAQ 510 Voice Messenger: A Half-Assed Revival for the Brand

HP's IPAQ brand is back from the dead with this slim phone that looks nothing like the whale-ish IPAQ PDAs of yesteryear. The Windows mobile 6 phone has additions by HP that let it read emails and other text sources, and let you do your best Piccard impressions to open apps ("Computer! Make it SO".) The phone has EDGE… » 2/12/07 9:46am 2/12/07 9:46am

HP iPAQ rx5900 Travel Companion Reviewed (Verdict: Best Hybrid Yet)

HP pals up with Tom Tom, and the result is the iPAQ rx5900 Travel Companion ($599), bringing together well-designed hardware with a friendly user interface. Laptop Magazine liked the way it feels like a full-fledged GPS device and a first-rate pocket PC, too, with neither seeming to be an afterthought. » 9/29/06 2:10pm 9/29/06 2:10pm

HP iPAQ rx4000: Mobile Media and PDA Hybrid is Sexy (For an iPAQ)

HP, we've always loved you for your brains. But we're glad you've gone ahead and made a mobile gadget that doesn't look like its meant for the corporate goon-squad. What we have here is a design-y Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC device, with WiFi and Bluetooth for net-and-more connectivity. Like most full featured… » 9/05/06 2:39pm 9/05/06 2:39pm