Use "Hey Siri" Any Time From Any iPhone

If you don’t feel like pressing the Home button, you can call up Apple’s digital assistant app with a “hey Siri” voice command in iOS 9—as long as your iPhone is charging or you’re using an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. Those limitations are designed to prevent battery drain, but you can actually access the shortcut… »11/11/15 10:40am11/11/15 10:40am

What Happens If You Drop Your iPhone and Then Accidentally Do a Burnout On It?

It’s every smartphone owner’s worst nightmare: while climbing onto your motorcycle your phone accidentally falls out of your pocket and lands perfectly underneath your bike’s rear tire right before you’re ready to do a burnout to impress your friends. But it turns out it’s not the end of your device. »11/10/15 12:40pm11/10/15 12:40pm

Don't Dump Your Old iPhone, Use It For Permanent Media And GPS Instead

If you update your gadgets as much as I do, you probably have a small collection of older devices with low resale value lying around. Don’t toss them or sell them! If you don’t already have an integrated multi-feature entertainment center in your car (or if you hate what you have), you might find that your old… »11/06/15 12:50pm11/06/15 12:50pm

Apple Prophet Divines That a 4-Inch iPhone Is Coming

Yeah, Apple has prophets, but considering that Apple Stores are basically modern-day temples, it kind of goes with the territory. This particular tech soothsayer, Ming-Chi Kuo, accurately predicted 9 months in advance that Apple was creating a stylus, and he’s been called the “Best Apple analyst on the planet,” so… »11/05/15 10:40am11/05/15 10:40am

There’s no denying iPhones are expensive, but be grateful you’re not buying one in India.

There’s no denying iPhones are expensive, but be grateful you’re not buying one in India. When the new phone goes on sale in the country later this week it will cost 62,000 rupees — about $955 — for the 16GB 6S base model, making it the most expensive place in the world to buy an iPhone. »10/12/15 5:00am10/12/15 5:00am

iPhone 6s Camera Review: Apple Is No Longer the King of Mobile Photos

As an Apple-toting photographer, the thing I look forward to most about each iPhone update is the camera. This year’s 6s and 6s Plus promised not only higher resolution, but better all-around pics, 4K video, and more. Now that there are other terrific smartphone cameras in the mix, the iPhone has to try extra hard to… »9/30/15 3:15pm9/30/15 3:15pm