The Week in iPhone Apps: Sniff Wi-Fi and Gas Up Your Gulfstream, But Not at the Same Time

This week in the App Store, we've got some great freebie apps. That's a good thing. Especially when you're a beleaguered Gulfstream GIV pilot getting hit hard by the soaring price of jet fuel. This week was also great for pilots in several other ways, but there's some stuff for the rest of us, too. Come along as we… »8/22/08 5:30pm8/22/08 5:30pm

Cranky Windows Guy: Apple's iPhone Bugs Stopped Me From Switching to a Mac

I've always been a Windows user »8/22/08 3:00pm8/22/08 3:00pm, which means I've always been subjected to the ridicule of holier-than-thou Apple fans. You know what I'm talking about: blue screen of death jokes, spelling Microsoft with a $ in place of the S, saying "it just works" with a smug, chubby-faced smirk. It's always been annoying, and…

Steve Jobs: Apple Aware of iPhone 2.0 App Fails, Will Fix In September

It seems a random app crash bug plaguing the iPhone 2.0 software has concerned El Jobso enough to make him personally reply to a user email. According to AppleInsider »8/19/08 9:55pm8/19/08 9:55pm one of their readers received an email from Jobs that read "this is a known iPhone bug that is being fixed in the next software update in September."…

Quick Tip: Quick Sync Only Calendar and Address Book To Your iPhone

Here's a quick tip on how to sync only your address book and calendar with your iPhone—perfect for the times when you want to get in and out and not worry about whether it's going to transfer five albums or back up all your apps. Just use iSync by pulling down the dropdown in the iSync icon and hitting sync there.… »8/12/08 11:45am8/12/08 11:45am

Phonesaber Removed From App Store, Might Make Triumphant Official Return

One of the more useless but fun apps on the iTunes app store was Phonesaber »8/07/08 8:40pm8/07/08 8:40pm, and we say "was" because it's been pulled. This time, though, but the makers of the app, The Mac Box, themselves. They were contacted by THQ Wireless, a company with the license to make all things Star Wars for mobile phones. Thankfully it…

John Carmack Says iPhone As Powerful as Dreamcast, More Powerful Than DS and PSP Combined

We're all for making hyperbolic statements about how powerful the iPhone is as a gaming system, but John Carmack's taking things to the next level. As you remember, Sega has previously said that the iPhone is as powerful as their Dreamcast system, and EA has previously said that it's more powerful than the DS, but… »8/04/08 11:52am8/04/08 11:52am

iPhone Apps We Love: NetShare - Share Your 3G/EDGE Connection With Your Computer

NetShare is one app we never thought would make it onto the official iPhone App Store. All it does is set up a SOCKS5 proxy for you to get your laptop/computer online through use of the 3G/EDGE connection. Does it work? Yes. Yes it does, much to our surprise. EDGE works just fine, although Mahoney says it's slow as… »7/31/08 8:53pm7/31/08 8:53pm

Pending iPhone App MagicPad Demos Cut and Paste Implementation

This video walkthrough of MagicPad, a rich text editor app that is still pending acceptance into the App Store, is notable for showing the first working copy and paste framework on the iPhone (at the 1:00 mark). Of course, SDK limitations keep the functionality quarantined within MagicPad itself, but its developers,… »7/28/08 4:23pm7/28/08 4:23pm