Jimmy Kimmel Confirms People Love the New iPhone 5, Even Though They're…

The iPhone 5 has been criticized for being a boring and marginal update to the iPhone 4S—at least in terms of design, since the new handset looks a lot like its predecessor. The two phones are so similar, that when Jimmy Kimmel showed the iPhone 4S to random people on the street, passing it off as the iPhone 5, no… » 9/13/12 10:20am 9/13/12 10:20am

A Real Life Photo of the iPhone 5 Compared to the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 5 is tall and beautiful in all those Apple product shots, but how does it look compared to the iPhone 4S in real life? NYT's Jenna Worthman took this image, raw and unretouched, during the post-event hands-on session. That 4S looks so short now. [Twitter] » 9/12/12 4:18pm 9/12/12 4:18pm

Would You Actually Wear the iPod's New Lanyard?

Yes, the iPod Touch has been updated and it's better than ever. And the feature Apple is trumpeting from the rooftops? A Loop. A loop that goes around your wrist. Because that's how clumsy you are. » 9/12/12 2:37pm 9/12/12 2:37pm

Apple's Rolling Out New Headphones That Might Not Be Crap

Apple made a historic and much-needed step forward today; it's finally putting its old, terrible headphones to rest. The new ones, dubbed "EarPods" mark a bit of a shift, but still retain their iconic, white, hey-look-at-me-I've-got-an-iPhone-in-my-pocket color. Unlike the previous 'phones, these guys are the in-ear… » 9/12/12 2:34pm 9/12/12 2:34pm

New iPod Shuffles Are Like Old iPod Shuffles

Apple brought a whole gang of new iPods to its event today in San Francisco, the third of which is a refreshed Shuffle. The new guy isn't all that different from its predecessor, save for five new colors. It costs $50 for 2GB. A boring non-update, unless you are a multi-colored gadget enthusiast. » 9/12/12 2:33pm 9/12/12 2:33pm

How the iPhone 5 Stacks Up to the Competition

The new iPhone is finally here. Yes, people would line up to buy it even if it was made of bottle-caps and dog-poo, but it isn't. It's predictably a very good phone. How good? Let's see how it compares to the top competition. » 9/12/12 2:16pm 9/12/12 2:16pm

iTunes 11 Arrives With a Streamlined Look and New Features

Just in time for the release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 comes iTunes 11, which has an even more streamlined appearance, "edge-to-edge" design, and more an overall more visual feel. But you'll have to wait until late October for it. » 9/12/12 2:09pm 9/12/12 2:09pm

iOS 6 Will Arrive on September 19 With Better Siri, New Maps, Revamped…

We've seen and heard about many of the new features coming to iOS 6 already, but with the announcement of the iPhone 5, we now know exactly when it's coming: September 19. » 9/12/12 2:02pm 9/12/12 2:02pm

The iPhone 5 Will Cost $200 and Release on September 21st, Pre-Orders…

Apple just announced that the iPhone 5 is going to cost $200 and release on September 21st. Get ready because that's about a week and a half from now. If you want to be smart and skip the line though, you can pre-order the new iPhone starting on September 14th. » 9/12/12 1:57pm 9/12/12 1:57pm

Apple: No NFC for You! Come Back, One Year! Maybe!

When is an NFC antenna not an NFC antenna? When it's reportedly attached to an iPhone 5. Contrary to recent speculation, Apple's newest handset will not feature an NFC payment system. » 9/12/12 1:56pm 9/12/12 1:56pm

This Is the Ugly iPhone 5 Lightning Adapter You'll Need For All Your…

If you're gung-ho on upgrading to the iPhone 5 and have a mountain of old accessories from previous generations of the iPhone and iPod, this is the ugly adapter you'll need to buy for all of your deprecated gear. The iPhone 5 introduces a new, and considerably smaller, Lightning connector that's incompatible with… » 9/12/12 1:45pm 9/12/12 1:45pm

Apple iPhone 5: Everything You Need to Know

The new iPhone 5 is here. It's thinner and faster than ever, with a new form factor that uses a gorgeous panoramic screen with more resolutions and less consumption. It also surfs the web much faster, thanks to its new LTE capabilities. And, just as we knew, it has a new smaller dock connector called Lightning. » 9/12/12 1:31pm 9/12/12 1:31pm

New iPod Nanos Look Like Gorgeous Tiny iPhones

Brand new iPod Nanos also joined Apple's iPhone 5 party at the Moscone Center today. The totally redesigned junior MP3 players have a larger display, and come in seven beautiful candy-hued colors. » 9/12/12 1:00pm 9/12/12 1:00pm

This Is How the iPhone 5 Might Look in Your Hand

We have published mockups of Apple's next iPhone—before. But these are the definitive ones, showing what the iPhone 5 or whatever it is called would look like in your hand. » 8/07/12 2:20pm 8/07/12 2:20pm

Has the iPhone 5 Been Smuggled Out of the Factory Already?

A Chinese case manufacturer is showing what looks to be an iPhone 5 in their product shots. It looks like the white 3D prototype we published a while back—complete with its new 19-pin dock port. But could this really be a unit smuggled out of Foxconn's factory? » 7/27/12 8:17am 7/27/12 8:17am