iPhone 2.1 Firmware Review: It Fixes Everything We Can See

iPhone's 2.1 update last Friday was supposed to fix a whole dump truck-load of issues people have been having with the iPhone 3G. If the update did succeed in getting rid of dropped calls, improving battery life, dramatically speeding up backup times, improving application install speeds, more accurately displaying… »9/15/08 3:00pm9/15/08 3:00pm

Question of the Day: Has the 2.1 Update Fixed Your iPhone?

I'm sure all of the iPhone owners out there were chomping at the bit to download the 2.1 update »9/12/08 4:40pm9/12/08 4:40pm when it hit today. After all, it does claim to fix major problems like call drops, crashes, slow syncing and bad battery life. I've been busy, so I haven't had a chance to install it myself—so help me out with this. How are…

iPhone 2.1 Beta 4 Seeded, Apple Removes Push Notification "For Further Development"

Apple has just seeded iPhone 2.1 beta 4 to developers-uninteresting, really, except for the fact that the push notification service »8/16/08 11:44pm8/16/08 11:44pm has been pulled from the release "for further development." Targeted to hit your iPhone in September, the push service allows apps to receive notifications in the background while…

iPhone 2.1 Firmware Has Tiny Glimmer of Copy-and-Paste Shining Inside

When Apple said it didn't care about cut and paste on the iPhone, it's possible that it meant "not right now, but soon, possibly." Because over at MacNN they're reporting that the developer firmware 2.1 may have hints of copy-paste within it. "In exploring the Localizable.strings entry under English.lproj in the… »7/25/08 1:20pm7/25/08 1:20pm