Official iPhone 3G Sales Procedure Mimes Child Birthing Proceedure

Apple employees might have to fondle your iPhone 3G to activate it, but rest easy true believers, the very first smudges on it will be from your own greasy fingers. After gingerly removing it from the box, employees are instructed to let you "enjoy the feel of the phone" in your hand before slugging through the … »7/10/08 12:24am7/10/08 12:24am

iPhone 3G AT&T Activation Details: Doing It at Home is Possible, But Requires a Promise

The two things we previously heard about iPhone 3G activation on AT&T-mandatory in-store activation and a penalty if you don't activate within 30 days-seemed to contradict each other. Not anymore. Apple Insider has just heard through an internal memo that people can actually leave a retail store without activating… »6/16/08 1:39pm6/16/08 1:39pm