Consumer Reports Confirms Verizon iPhone 4 Death Grip Problems

We'd heard previous reports that the Verizon iPhone 4 was susceptible to the same death grip issues that rocked the original iPhone, but now industry heavy Consumer Reports confirms it: the death grip is back. According to CR: » 2/25/11 1:52pm 2/25/11 1:52pm

Apple Plans to Put Antennas Behind the Logo on Future iPhones

According to a patent, Apple is hoping to move the iPhone's antenna behind the Apple logo. This could potentially solve the attenuation problem that has plagued the iPhone 4. » 12/24/10 12:40pm 12/24/10 12:40pm

Apple's Ending the Free iPhone 4 Case Program September 30

As expected, Apple has reevaluated their iPhone case initiative: "We are discontinuing the free case program on all iPhone 4s sold after September 30, 2010." But they'll still give you one if you complain. » 9/10/10 2:52pm 9/10/10 2:52pm

Apple, Antennagate, and Why It's Time to Move On

"There's an awful lot of hoopla about that iPhone antenna." Why yes, there is. And while there's much to criticize about Apple's response, we're glad to see they've stopped pretending the problem doesn't exist. » 7/19/10 5:00pm 7/19/10 5:00pm

Shit My Jobs Says

Above, a few of our favorite moments from the iPhone 4 presentation Steve Jobs gave this afternoon. Below, eleven much more candid Jobs quotes from the Q&A session that Apple didn't put on their site: » 7/16/10 6:26pm 7/16/10 6:26pm

Are You Satisfied With Apple's iPhone 4 Antenna Solution?

Today Apple offered their solution to the iPhone 4's antenna issues: a free bumper or case to every iPhone owner and waived restocking fees on returns. How do you feel about it? » 7/16/10 6:05pm 7/16/10 6:05pm

Woz's iPhone 4 Antenna Solution: Double Fisting

At this point, we've seen all sorts of crazy ideas for fixing the iPhone 4's antenna problems, from strapping it with a rubberband to covering it with nail polish. Steve Wozniak's solution: just carry another phone. » 7/15/10 1:15pm 7/15/10 1:15pm

Top Apple Engineer Warned Jobs About iPhone 4 Antenna Problems

According to Bloomberg, one of Apple's senior engineers raised concerns a year ago over the potential for the iPhone 4's design to cause dropped calls. » 7/15/10 10:19am 7/15/10 10:19am

This Is How Much the New iPhone 4 Signal Bars Have Grown

As promised, the new iPhone system update corrects the bar signal display. Also as promised, it provides another "enhancement": Taller signal bars! Free tip: If you paint flames on the back of your iPhone 4, it runs 2.3x faster. » 7/15/10 2:03am 7/15/10 2:03am

Initial Reports: Software Update Doesn't Fix iPhone 4 Antenna Problem,…

Initial reports on Apple's iOS 4.1 update confirm what we already knew and what AppleCare is telling to customers: The iPhone software update doesn't fix the iPhone 4's antenna problems. The good news is that it fixes the bar display. » 7/14/10 7:02pm 7/14/10 7:02pm

iPhone 4 Silent Recall: Some Readers Confirm [Updating Live]

Yesterday, a reader claimed that—after exchanging his iPhone 4—he couldn't reproduce the sharp signal drop caused by the antenna problem. Now, some readers have confirmed the story. However, others haven't seen any improvement in their replacement units. [Updating] » 7/14/10 4:20pm 7/14/10 4:20pm

Microsoft COO Knows a Lemon When He Sees One

In his keynote speech at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, company COO Kevin Turner said that Apple's new iPhone, beset by antenna issues, "might be their Vista." Self-deprecation suits you well, Microsoft! » 7/14/10 2:51pm 7/14/10 2:51pm

The Saddest Part Of The Whole iPhone 4 Antenna Fiasco Is How Proud…

Apple's iPhone 4 Antennagate rolls on, with the question now, What is Apple going to do about this? Is it going to let it blow over? » 7/14/10 11:20am 7/14/10 11:20am

Is Apple Silently Recalling the iPhone 4 Now?

We've received only one report, so take it with a hill of salt: A Gizmodo reader claims that, after Apple replaced his iPhone 4, he couldn't reproduce the sharp loss of signal. He says that the hardware seems slightly different: » 7/13/10 6:00pm 7/13/10 6:00pm

Apple Censors Discussions On Negative Consumer Reports' iPhone 4 Test…

Apple has deleted at least six threads talking about Consumer Reports' iPhone 4 tests. Customers on Apple's support boards were discussing the publication's negative report, which demonstrated that the design flaw could affect all users. [Updated] » 7/13/10 8:56am 7/13/10 8:56am

AppleCare: The iPhone 4 Update Won't Solve the Antenna Problem

AppleCare has confirmed what we already knew: The incoming software update won't fix the iPhone 4's transmission and reception problems. They acknowledged the antenna problem exists, offering the same solution as before: Buy a case or hold the iPhone differently. » 7/06/10 1:45pm 7/06/10 1:45pm

BGR Says Last Week's Steve Jobs Emails Are Real

Last week, BGR posted a Steve Jobs email exchange in which the CEO told an irate iPhone user to "calm down." Apple said the messages were fake, but BGR is standing by his story, offering the email headers as proof. » 7/03/10 4:23pm 7/03/10 4:23pm

Why Apple's iPhone 4 Update Won't Fix Your Reception Problem

This graphic shows why some people experience the iPhone 4 signal drop problems while others haven't been able to reproduce it. It also explains why Apple's incoming software update—which promises more accurate signal bars—won't fix the antenna problem. » 7/02/10 10:15am 7/02/10 10:15am