AT&T Mentions an LTE Apple Device For 2012 (Updated: Or Not)

So we know AT&T's calling its HSPA+ "4G," along with its LTE service (launching this summer). But did you know it'll launch 20 4G devices this year—and one LTE device from Apple next year? Those 20 devices include phones, hotspots and modems, but we do know there'll be the Motorola ATRIX 4G, the HTC Inspire 4G,… » 1/05/11 1:52pm 1/05/11 1:52pm

SkyMall's Most Fanciful Product Yet

This is the cover of the Holiday 2010 issue of SkyMall. It prominently features an iPhone 4 in some wacky solar charger/nose hair trimmer/automatic kitty litter dispenser/world's largest crossword puzzle contraption. But something else is strange about this particular iPhone...Enhance! » 10/11/10 4:07pm 10/11/10 4:07pm

Keep Holding Your Breath for That 4G Verizon iPhone

The Verizon iPhone is coming next year. Verizon's 4G LTE service is launching next year, covering a third of Americans. Ergo, a 4G iPhone is on the way. Except it's not. Not for a couple of years. » 10/07/10 7:00pm 10/07/10 7:00pm

You Can Pre-Order iPhone 4 Tomorrow at Best Buy

You're going to have to wait until June 24th to actually hold iPhone 4 in your hands, but you can place a pre-sale order at Best Buy starting tomorrow, June 15th. » 6/14/10 10:27am 6/14/10 10:27am

iPhone 4 Will Also Launch at Walmart

Sure, you can buy the next iPhone from Apple, AT&T, Radioshack (and Best Buy?) on June 24th. But for the first time, Walmart will be selling an iPhone on launch day. You know, if you wanted to be stampeded. [CNET] » 6/11/10 1:34pm 6/11/10 1:34pm

Should I Buy an iPhone 4?

The one question Apple never answers at keynotes—their opinion is implicit—is always the most pertinent: Should I buy this new thing? Here's a simple guide: » 6/07/10 5:49pm 6/07/10 5:49pm

The People Respond to the iPhone 4

We've heard how the media feels about the iPhone 4, but we really wanted to know what the people were saying. Here are some of our favorite Tweets on the topic—some smart, some silly, and some sassy. » 6/07/10 5:40pm 6/07/10 5:40pm

This Is How the iPhone 4's Photos Look (Under Optimal Conditions)

This is a photo taken with the new iPhone 4's backlit sensor camera. Click to see it at its original 2,592 x 1,936 resolution. Apple claims the photo is not retouched, so what can we learn from it? » 6/07/10 5:20pm 6/07/10 5:20pm

11 Hands On the New iPhone

Most of the media is getting their hands on the iPhone 4 for the first time. So what do they think? The screen seems like the biggest standout feature, but then again, no one could really test the camera. » 6/07/10 3:51pm 6/07/10 3:51pm

iPhone 4 Case Called a "Bumper"

If you'd asked me before today what a bumper is, I would've said a part of a car—but according to Apple, a bumper is now an iPhone 4 case which comes in six colors. We're talking white, pink, orange, green, blue and black. It's got holes on the left-hand side for the three buttons, and will come in at $29 when it goes… » 6/07/10 2:52pm 6/07/10 2:52pm

What Is the iPhone's Retina Display?

Steve Jobs mentioned an all-new "Retina Display" for the iPhone 4. But what exactly is a "Retina Display?" Apart from a marketing buzzword, it's essentially a high-end screen with four times as many pixels in the same screen real estate. » 6/07/10 1:53pm 6/07/10 1:53pm

iPhone 4: The Definitive Guide

We already showed you the new iPhone from every angle, inside and out. Today, Steve Jobs re-revealed it, telling us about the remaining details. Here's the exhaustive guide to all the features of the new iPhone 4. » 6/07/10 1:32pm 6/07/10 1:32pm

AT&T Makes Almost Everyone Eligible for a New iPhone

According to many reports, AT&T subscriptions that weren't eligible for phone upgrades until all the way in November have been expedited to times in June (one report was June 20th, to be precise). BUY NEW THINGS! [coolgeex and MacRumors] » 6/07/10 9:00am 6/07/10 9:00am

Microscope Shots All But Confirm the Next iPhone's 960 x 640 Resolution

Czech site reportedly got their hands on a next-gen iPhone and did what any self-respecting iPhone superfanatics would: put it under a microscope. Up close and personal with those pixels, they confirmed the rumored 960 x 640, IPS dipslay. » 5/29/10 4:00pm 5/29/10 4:00pm

The Next iPhone Is Due Mid-June?

According to BGR's source in AT&T, the next iPhone will be available in June, and "not even late June." Such seems incredible, but not impossible, given that we haven't seen the new iPhone appear at the FCC yet. [BGR] » 5/26/10 12:57pm 5/26/10 12:57pm

Another Purported White iPhone 4G Case Spotted in Hong Kong

Remember all of last week ago, when we first spotted what could have been a white iPhone 4G? It happened again! Leading many to believe that, yes, Apple is going to release two versions of the phone later this year. » 5/23/10 11:30am 5/23/10 11:30am

iPhone Video Conferencing All But Confirmed with Latest Leak

Another day, another video chat/video conferencing bit of debugging code to throw atop the heap that's amassed around the coming "iPhone 4G." Today's revelation: A menu screen from a "field test" that purports to show video conferencing. » 5/23/10 11:00am 5/23/10 11:00am

Another Lost iPhone 4 Shows New Details

Here is another lost iPhone 4. The photos show it turned on—with some kind of console screen titled Inferno. The photos and video also show some new interesting details. Update 2: Processor is an A4 including Samsung DRAM. » 5/12/10 6:15am 5/12/10 6:15am