According to Forbes, Microsoft will be giving away 200 bucks of in-store credit to anyone who trades

According to Forbes, Microsoft will be giving away 200 bucks of in-store credit to anyone who trades in a used iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. Microsoft already has a standing trade-in offer for the iPad, so it's pretty obvious that Microsoft is willing to throw money at you to get you to switch from Apple. »9/24/13 11:12pm9/24/13 11:12pm

Here's a Side-By-Side Comparison of a Picture Taken with the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S

Though we won't get an official side-by-side comparisons of the camera in the iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5 until we get our hands on it, this is about as close as it gets: Scott Everett, from Dpreview, took nearly the same picture of Big Sur that Apple has been using in its iPhone 5 sample gallery with his own… »9/12/12 8:49pm9/12/12 8:49pm

Gazelle Will Give You Cash For Your iPhone Without Leaving You Phoneless For a Month

About half of iPhone users are having the "I want to sell my iPhone before the new one comes out but I don't want to be phoneless for a month" dilemma right now. But there is a solution to that horrible first-world problem—Gazelle is giving out price locks and won't make you fork over your phone until October 1. »8/20/12 12:20pm8/20/12 12:20pm

In Anticipation of the iPhone 5, Sprint Is Slashing Prices and Waiving Fees on its 4S

With the highly anticipated next generation iPhone—iPhone 5—only a couple more months away, now is a pretty silly time to throw down a few hundred bucks for Apple's smartphone. No sense in buying something that's about to be outmoded; if yours was recently broken or snatched, use a burner and wait it out. »8/06/12 8:40pm8/06/12 8:40pm

The iPhone Gets the Wearable Remote Display It Deserves

The Meta Watch was designed with hopes of breaking the curse of consumer apathy when it comes to smart watches. An Android-friendly version has actually been available to developers since the middle of last year, but thanks to a Bluetooth update, it's finally now compatible with iOS too. But is that enough to make you… »5/22/12 7:30am5/22/12 7:30am