FLIR Just Turned Your iPhone 5 Into a Predator-Like Thermal Camera

When you're digging for CES gold, you can usually ignore about 99.99 percent of the iPhone accessories announced at the show. But in that last 0.01 percent is where you can find some real treasures. This year FLIR has managed to shrink the same thermal imaging technology it sells to law enforcement and the military so… » 1/07/14 4:01pm 1/07/14 4:01pm

The Lightstrap iPhone Case Could Be a Phone Photog's Dream Come True…

The iPhone 5S may have a fancy new dual-LED flash, but ultimately, it doesn't make that much difference. Low-light pictures continue to the bane of the phone photographer's existence, and every blurry, noisy, and/or blown-out shot from a dimly lit bar is a painful reminder. This new case from Brick and Pixel called the … » 12/04/13 12:03pm 12/04/13 12:03pm

Give Your iPhone Games the Buttons They Deserve With This Arcade Case

If your iPhone gaming addiction involves more than just matching jewels or candy, you're probably well aware that a touchscreen doesn't make for the best controller. But why carry a separate solution when the Arcadie Go incorporates physical buttons into a reversible case that's always guaranteed to be there when you… » 10/29/13 2:40pm 10/29/13 2:40pm

The iPhone 5S Motion Sensors Are Totally Screwed Up

Since the iPhone 5S landed in the hands of new owners a few weeks ago, there have been reports that on-board sensors like the gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer haven't been working properly on some devices. We've confirmed the new iPhone's failings on our own. It's not just off. It's embarrassing. » 10/03/13 12:24pm 10/03/13 12:24pm

11 Tips to Keep iOS 7 From Destroying Your Battery Life

While your iPhone's new operating system comes with plenty of advantages, iOS 7's not without its drawbacks. Battery life just ain't quite what you'd want it to be, but we've got some tips to squeeze the most out of that sucker and stay juiced all day long. » 9/28/13 11:13am 9/28/13 11:13am

Cheat Sheet iOS 7 Wallpaper Walks You Through Those Fancy New Gestures

iOS 7 is out for you to install, and wow is it slick. Perhaps a little too slick. How do I get to the Control Center? Where are those dang buttons? Thankfully, Wired has created a cheater wallpaper set you can download until you get the hang of things. Nothing wrong with training wheels, sport. » 9/18/13 3:18pm 9/18/13 3:18pm

Stop Worrying About the New iPhone's Fingerprint Scanner

Last week's announcement that the new iPhone 5 will include a fancy new fingerprint scanning security system was met with a chorus of protests. What if someone lifts my prints and makes a fake finger and unlocks my phone? What if the government snoops on my phone (more than it already does) and steals my… » 9/17/13 4:23pm 9/17/13 4:23pm

A Leather iPhone Sleeve That Does More Than Just Look Good

If you absolutely have to put your iPhone in a case of some sort, Hard Graft's Draw case provides more than just peace of mind. Made from stitched leather lined with a soft felt interior, the case includes a long drawstring cord that does double-duty: It keeps the case securely sealed shut when your iPhone's inside,… » 9/12/13 5:00pm 9/12/13 5:00pm

An Emergency Lightning Cable That's No Bigger Than Your House Key

The makers of the ChargeCard—that wallet-friendly credit card-sized sync cable for smartphones—are back with a new product called the ChargeKey that's instead designed to hang out on your keychain. It's almost like a stripped down version of the ChargeCard that sheds most of the plastic so it can easily sidle up next… » 9/12/13 8:50am 9/12/13 8:50am

With more colorful and fingerprint-savvy devices on the way, Apple is reportedly slashing the prices on the soon-to-be discontinued iPhone 5. With a contract, you can get the old iPhone 5 for $99 for 16GB, $199 for 32GB, $299 for 64GB for the next week or so. Without a contract, the device will cost $549, $649, and… » 9/11/13 4:47pm 9/11/13 4:47pm

WSJ: Apple Is Testing Out iPhone Screens As Big As Six Inches

According to a report for the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently testing iPhone screen sizes as big as six inches. But don't get too freaked out; they won't be coming at the event next week. » 9/05/13 4:57pm 9/05/13 4:57pm