A Free App Can Save Your iPhone 5C From Looking Hideous In Its Case

If you snatched up the colorful iPhone 5C and its perforated case before you realized what an eyesore it is, there's now a cheap and simple solution to the problem. The developers at LunarLincoln have just released a free app called CaseCollage that lets you create and print an insert that fills all those cheese… »10/11/13 10:26am10/11/13 10:26am

Watch the iPhone 5C Get Obliterated By a .50 Caliber Rifle

In all your years of owning an iPhone, I hope you never have to use it as a bulletproof vest. Because it wouldn't work. It might be able to survive a soft drop on the dirt and come away cracked on concrete and barely scathe away after a quick dip in water but when you pit a iPhone 5C in all its plastic glory against… »10/08/13 1:00am10/08/13 1:00am

iPhone 5C Review: A Fresh Coat of Paint Only Goes So Far

In a way, we already reviewed this phone a year ago. In fact, iPhone 5C is in every important way the iPhone 5 in different clothing. That's not to say it's bad phone. In fact, after spending a weekend with the iPhone 5C, I can say with certainty it's a very good phone, in the same way that last night's meatloaf is… »9/25/13 2:00pm9/25/13 2:00pm