Another Reason to Never Use an iPhone Case: It Can Scratch Your iPhone Too

We've been on record saying that your brand new iPhone 5 doesn't need a case, that it should always stay naked. But we get it, some of you guys like the peace of mind of protection. Grandmas love plastic on their couches! But what happens when your iPhone case actually scratches your iPhone? GASPSHRIEKFREAKTHEEFFOUT.… »12/10/12 9:00pm12/10/12 9:00pm


Old-Fashioned Bell Accessory Guarantees You'll Never Sleep Through Your iPhone's Alarm

The bedside alarm clock is just one of many devices made obsolete by smartphones. But with their puny speakers it's not impossible to sleep through a phone's alarm. Unless you've got this questionable iBell Mini accessory that merges tried and tested old-fashioned alarm clock technology with new. »10/02/12 5:00pm10/02/12 5:00pm

A Mil-Spec, Everything-Proof iPhone Case With a Freakishly Slim Figure

At first glance, the LifeProof iPhone case just looks like a no-frills scratchguard for your do-everything lifeline. What you don't realize is that it is mil-spec rated—meaning it is water-, dust-, snow-, and shock-proof. Most cases that carry out similar functions are considerably more bulky than this one appears to… »2/25/11 2:40am2/25/11 2:40am