Pizza Calculator Is Probably the Most Useful iPhone Application Yet

Seriously. Forget copy and paste, forget Bluetooth file transfer, and forget Yelp. The Pizza Calculator is the iPhone killer application, and a must for Giz's Pizza bingos. Come on people, this is just beautiful. » 1/25/09 4:30pm 1/25/09 4:30pm

iPhone FakeCalls App Bails You Out of Awkward Situations

Magic Tap, a 99-cent iPhone application, lets you send fake calls to yourself on command, just in case you ever need an excuse to get out of an awkward situation such as a horrible blind date, or having "that talk" with your girlfriend. To make this application more realistic, it lets you customize the caller's name,… » 11/05/08 8:37pm 11/05/08 8:37pm

PhoneSaber Strikes Back, Returns as LightSaber Unleashed

After being voluntarily retired » 9/11/08 8:20am 9/11/08 8:20am from the iTunes App Store, following a call by THQ Wireless, the most useless yet completely obligatory iPhone app-PhoneSaber-is returning to the store as LightSaber Unleashed. The lightsaber simulator will tie in with the new LucasArts's game, including completely new graphics,…

Friend Book App: Shake Two iPhones Together to Share Contact…

A company called Tapulous is planning on delivering an iPhone app called Friend Book for the Friday launch that promises to turn your boring old address book into a "super address book" with features like a "face dialer" that allows you to place a call through your contact images. But that functionality pales in… » 7/09/08 5:33pm 7/09/08 5:33pm

iPhone / iPod TiVoRemote App Makes Telnet Control Easy

Remember when we showed you an iPhone controlling a TiVo over IP by means of Telnet? Well, over at the TiVo Community Forum, a user named Duckfin has compiled a "quick and dirty little program" that gives the iPhone and iPod touch a proper TiVo Remote. The app which is named TiVoRemote, no surprise there, actually makes… » 5/08/08 7:45pm 5/08/08 7:45pm