iPhone Election '08 App: Watch Your Faith in America Get Destroyed in Real Time

If you're ever pulled away from the constant spew of talking heads, meaningless statistics and rhetorical bile parading itself as election news in order to fill the gaping 24/7 news cycle—you know, to do something other than wallow in political witticisms not half as sharp as as Jon Stewart's »9/04/08 3:59pm9/04/08 3:59pm—the 99-cent Election '08…


iPhone Apps We Like: Palringo is First Official Multi-Client IM App

Palringo is a free multi-client instant messaging app for mobiles that hit the App Store over the weekend, and it's the first to officially support Google Talk/Jabber, on top of Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ, iChat and Gadu-Gadu (if you're in Poland). You can also use it to quickly send photos from your camera or… »7/29/08 12:50pm7/29/08 12:50pm

iPhone Apps We Like: QuickVoice Voice Recorder Is Great For Field Journos

If you're covering an event and already carrying a huge gear bag with a laptop, camera, emergency Cliff bars and all the rest, QuickVoice is a welcome replacement for a standalone digital voice recorder. We like QuickVoice as a late addition to our favorites for its pause feature, which allows you to start and stop… »7/25/08 5:40pm7/25/08 5:40pm