Your Phone's Low Battery Warnings Should Look Like These Hilarious Notifications

Because batteries enjoy dying so much when we really need that last little bit of juice, low battery warnings really should be more animated than the plain "20% of battery remaining". I don't know how many times I've ignored that message. But if the alert made fun of me and said something like, "Oh I'll just charge it… » 2/28/13 11:00pm 2/28/13 11:00pm

Mophie iPhone 3G Battery Extender Available For Preorder, Shipping This Month

Mophie's wraparound battery extenders for the first iPhone provided some relief to incessant browsers and movie-watchers, and they're looking to adapt their "Juice Pack" to the even more anemic iPhone 3G. What does this pack offer that the others don't? A mini USB port for syncing and charging and Apple's coveted… » 10/15/08 7:59am 10/15/08 7:59am

Brando's Power Station Holds 1000mAh, Title For Cheapest iPhone Battery

We're not sure if Brando's version of the external iPhone battery pack bests the others we've seen in performance, but it's definitely the cheapest by far. At $25, it's a whole $18 cheaper than the iPhoneck, and half as costly as Macally's PowerLink. Is it any good? No clue yet. But it's cheap, which is all some… » 7/25/08 1:40pm 7/25/08 1:40pm

$7.29 iPhone Replacement Battery Kit Could Be a Bad Plan

Look, you already spent hundreds of dollars on an iPhone. Unless your battery has run low because you've been cycling it like a baboon, you don't need a new battery. And if you do, it's not June 29 yet, so you're still in your first year of warranty. Go down to the Apple store and get it swapped out. What you probably » 6/04/08 3:10pm 6/04/08 3:10pm

iPhone Battery Replacement Video Tutorial

Dru and Nate over at Gearlive don't only have awesome looking matching beards, they also have matching love for replacing the iPhone battery. Their video tutorial lets you see—in moving picture—exactly how to shove a new battery into your phone. It's hardly been six months since the phone has been released, so most of… » 11/30/07 1:38pm 11/30/07 1:38pm