Please Fix the iPhone Site Bugs Jobs About Your Biggest iPhone Complaints

Have problems with the iPhone? Who doesn't? Sure, it's an amazing piece of gadgetry, but countless bugs and glitches have plagued the Apple product from the beginning. Now networking company Fullsix has launched a site dedicated to gripers called “Please Fix the iPhone.” The site gets owners to vote on the most… » 10/24/08 2:15am 10/24/08 2:15am

iPhone OS 2.1 Won't Fetch Emails in Sleep Mode

Another bug » 10/06/08 7:14pm 10/06/08 7:14pm in iPhone OS 2.1, which we have tested and reproduced, is that it will no longer fetch emails in the background while in sleep mode on battery power. It's most probably one of the power-saving tweaks , since Apple says that the 15-minute fetch interval is the worst wear on the battery because it never lets…

iTunes Support Store: iPhone App Crashes Fixed

Good news, iPhone users! Looks like Apple has finally fixed that 2.0 app crashing problem. One Gizmodo reader received an email last night from the iTunes Support Store with instructions for redownloading applications you've already bought (for free, of course) and was given a $15 gift certificate for his troubles!… » 8/23/08 11:45am 8/23/08 11:45am

Apple iPhone Battery Bug: Battery Icon Doesn't Show 100%

You know the reports of people saying their iPhones don't charge up all the way? Turns out that's actually a UI bug and not a bug with the iPhone's battery. The bug, demoed in the image above and confirmed by Apple, is the battery icon in the standby screen when your iPhone is plugged in. This icon shows 90% power—or… » 7/12/07 5:09pm 7/12/07 5:09pm