This iPhone Cake Has Real iPhone 4 Stuffing

When Gizmodo reader Carlos got an iPhone-shaped cake for his birthday, he already thought he'd made out pretty well. But it's when he cut into it that the real present, well, presented itself: a brand new iPhone 4. » 12/22/10 6:20pm 12/22/10 6:20pm

Photos of Next Gen iPhone 3G C(ake) Leaked!

I thought I was ahead of things with my Chocolate Edition Apple Tablet, but Jerry Brito and his iPhone 3G C(ake) beat everything. It looks like the real thing, except for one teensyweensy mistake. » 10/30/09 2:20am 10/30/09 2:20am

The Best iPhone Wannabe Yet, from Sugarcat Cakes

This is an iPhone Cake.
For the Steve that is Fake.
Did it take a long time to Make?
I dunno, I'm not very good in the kitchen. [PhotoBucket via The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs] » 7/30/07 8:00pm 7/30/07 8:00pm

iPhone Cake: A Bad Gift?

"Happy birthday honey!"
"What the fuck is this?"
"It's an iPhone, cake."
"Is this some kind of joke?"
"Umm...not funny haha, but..."
"You know how hard this has been for me."
"I know, that why I made-"
"To be teased with the ultimate phone and then have to wait until summer."
"'s chocolate."
"I hate my life and I… » 2/03/07 10:29am 2/03/07 10:29am