Watch This Madman Fix the iPhone 6's Biggest Design Flaw With a Grinder

The industrial design of the iPhone 6 is close to flawless... Except for one flaw so weird, so major, that it's maddening: The fact that the camera protrudes from the body of the phone, meaning it never lies completely flat and gets caught on all kinds of stuff. The perfectionists at PeripateticPandas have a solution,… »9/22/14 5:13pm9/22/14 5:13pm


What Famous Photos Would Look Like If They Were Taken with an iPhone

Because we all carry smartphones and because we all fancy ourselves as photographers and because we're all just satisfied with good enough, the pictures we take hardly ever reach the full potential of a shot. Even worse, they're run through filters that destroy the tone, they're squared off to limit the scope and… »8/06/13 1:00am8/06/13 1:00am

Fantastic Patchwork Panoramas Using Just the iPhone Camera

Who says you can't do amazing things with the iPhone's camera? Using only its subpar shooter »9/30/08 3:40pm9/30/08 3:40pm and some skillful manual stitching, you can actually create some incredible patchwork panoramas. The crappiness of the cam actually gives the shots a lomographic sheen that meshes really with the whole hand-stitched patchwork…

Snapture Improves the iPhone's Camera With Digital Zoom, Burst Shooting and Auto-Rotation

The lack of extraneous features on the iPhone's Camera app is great for most people, but heavy-duty cameraphone aficionados want to be able to adjust stuff like digital zoom, greyscale, auto-rotation and burst mode. Snapture is the solution. If you've got a jailbroken phone just install the app from's… »4/07/08 7:15pm4/07/08 7:15pm