Mophie Space Pack Review: All the iPhone Storage You Need (Plus Bulk)

Mophie invented the battery charging iPhone case eons ago, saving legions of email addicts from mid-day phone death. With its new Space Pack case, Mophie hopes to once again give iPhone users something they've never had before: Extra storage space. » 4/07/14 2:00pm 4/07/14 2:00pm

This Slim iPhone Case Works Like a Real-Life Tricorder

You've seen the iPhone accessory that can check your blood pressure, as well as the one that can monitor your heart rate. There's even one that can turn your phone into an electrocardiogram (ECG). But, now, there's an iPhone case that can do all of that—and more. Meet Wello. » 3/06/14 12:40pm 3/06/14 12:40pm

The Best iPhone 5 Cases to Fit Any Need

Not all of us are iPhone nudists. Some of us prefer to clothe our gadgets in a case. But there are probably more cases out there than there are actual iPhones, and we all have unique priorities, whether it be screen protection, style, or saving money. Here are the best iPhone 5 cases that live up to your specific… » 7/09/13 4:00pm 7/09/13 4:00pm

Another Reason to Never Use an iPhone Case: It Can Scratch Your iPhone …

We've been on record saying that your brand new iPhone 5 doesn't need a case, that it should always stay naked. But we get it, some of you guys like the peace of mind of protection. Grandmas love plastic on their couches! But what happens when your iPhone case actually scratches your iPhone? GASPSHRIEKFREAKTHEEFFOUT.… » 12/10/12 9:00pm 12/10/12 9:00pm

If You're Going to Use an iPhone Case, It Might as Well Come With…

Why would you ruin the iPhone's immaculate design? Well, turns out those luscious chamfered edges are of this world after all: They scratch, just like any other phone. OK, fine maybe we were wrong and you need a case. But if you're going armor your iPhone, at least use case that actually guarantees it will protect your … » 11/28/12 2:05pm 11/28/12 2:05pm

Use This iPhone Case and Your iPhone Will Be Replaced if It Breaks

Though we still prefer to stay naked when it comes to the iPhone, here's a pretty solid alternative for those people paranoid of shattering the fragile beauty that is the iPhone: Cellhelmet. It's a case that not only protects your iPhone but will also pay for a replacement iPhone if your iPhone breaks. » 5/14/12 8:20pm 5/14/12 8:20pm