Powergorilla Portable Laptop and Device Charger Lightning Review

The Gadget »11/24/08 6:40pm11/24/08 6:40pm: The Powergorilla, an 8.5 x 5 inch brick of a battery that charges laptops, phones, and many other portable devices on the go via different connectors. You can adjust voltage options between 16, 19 or 24v, and the on-board LCD screen will show you your selection and how much juice is left in the unit. The…

Hand Grip iPhone Charger Builds a Strong, Confident Handshake

Somehow, I don't think the world is ready for a charger that powers up an iPhone when you flex a hand grip. I mean, a firm handshake commands respect, but we are still talking about exercise here. So, I think that a solar powered charging case »11/17/08 7:20pm11/17/08 7:20pm is probably about as eco-friendly as most of us are willing to get. On the…

Brando Emergency Charger Lights Your Way To Extra Power

This pocket-sized mobile charger from Brando not only juices the most common mobile devices on the market—including all iPhone and iPods, any cellphone by a major company, and handheld gaming consoles—it also acts as an emergency torch if you suddenly find yourself in the dark. The light will last about 5 hours and… »11/04/08 3:00am11/04/08 3:00am