Will Apple Intro New (Less Terrible) Headphones With Its New iPhone?

We're a week and a half away from Apple's iPhone gala, which means we're in the absolute thick of Apple rumor season. And while you may have tired by now of hearing about—and seeing—that stretched-out unibody handset, this latest curveball from Vietnam should have your full attention. » 9/01/12 9:37pm 9/01/12 9:37pm

RadTech ProCable iPhone Headphones Are a Cheap Alternative

If the $100ish V-Moda iPhone headphones are slightly out of your price range, RadTech's got a cheaper alternative for your iPhone listening and talking needs. It's essentially the same as the V-Modas or the default iPhone headphones: a pair of earbuds with a microphone on board so you can take a call. For $24.95, we… » 3/26/08 2:30pm 3/26/08 2:30pm