iPhone FAQ Update

We've just added a good bit of information to our iPhone FAQ, including more AT&T details, launch date info, and iTunes details. See all the new stuff below, or just go to the FAQ to see the monster in its entirety. » 7/03/08 12:00pm 7/03/08 12:00pm

iPhone 3G FAQ Update

We've just updated the FAQ with many of the reader questions you guys sent in over the weekend. Thanks! For ease of reading, we have the newly added questions below. If you want to see the whole FAQ, which has all the questions (including these new ones), it's here. » 6/16/08 3:59pm 6/16/08 3:59pm

The iPhone 3G FAQ

Steve Jobs may have launched the iPhone 3G on Monday, and we may have gotten a hands on with it already, but in typical Apple fashion, there's still a lot of stuff left unsaid. How does activation work? How will first-gen iPhone users bring an iPhone 3G onto their plan? Does the GPS work for driving? How much will… » 6/13/08 8:35pm 6/13/08 8:35pm