iPhone 2.0 Firmware Leaked, 3G and GPS Confirmed (Again)

Engadget say they have analyzed the leaked iPhone 2.0 firmware, and report 3G and GPS will be present. The HSDPA will be tri-band, meaning it will work pretty much anywhere. They also say components will include Sony antennas, 3G processors, transceivers and amplifiers, Arm 11 CPU and an UMTS on/off switch for power… »6/06/08 9:55pm6/06/08 9:55pm

iPhone and iPod Touch 1.1.2 Firmware Now Available via iTunes

The iPhone 1.1.2 firmware update was previously available via manual download, but it is now available to all US customers through iTunes. The update includes a TIFF Exploit patch (meaning jailbroken iPhones will not work), foreign language support, and a custom ringtone section. As always, there are a few things you… »11/12/07 6:15pm11/12/07 6:15pm