I've Lost Count Of The Excuses Apple Can Use To Reject This App

I've only skimmed Apple's App Review Guidelines, but I'm pretty sure that Moral Decay isn't exactly designed in accordance to them. But who knows, maybe Apple will approve an iPhone game that involves Jesus Chris T. gunning down sumo wrestlers, aliens, and other bad guys. » 9/18/10 12:00am 9/18/10 12:00am

Rumor: $19.99 Premium Games Section Coming to iTunes Store

PocketGamer.biz says » 1/29/09 6:20pm 1/29/09 6:20pm that Apple is planning a dedicated fiefdom within the iTunes Store for "premium" games that cost $19.99. The section would be restricted to large publishers only—think Sega and EA. They've got no details on a launch date or which publishers are involved, only the educated guess that WWDC in June is…