What's the Best Game for Killing Time With Your Phone? 

Once upon a time, humans had to entertain themselves during the few idle minutes of waiting in line. No more! Now we have pocket computers with access to dozens of games at once. Tell us, which are you favorites? » 2/13/15 6:40pm 2/13/15 6:40pm

John McCain Got Caught Playing Poker During Syria Hearing

John McCain. United States Senator. 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee. American Hero. iPhone Poker Player during a fairly important Senate hearing about the use of force in Syria. Yep, The Washington Post captured Senator John McCain fooling around on his iPhone during a three hour hearing about Syria. » 9/03/13 7:58pm 9/03/13 7:58pm

Go Download Temple Run 2 Right Now

Here's what you'll be doing for the rest of the week: Temple Run 2. So tell your Mom to hold the dessert. Call your boss that you'll be sick. And let your teacher know that you won't have any homework. Because you have to download Temple Run 2, the sequel to the ridiculously popular running away from monkey game, for… » 1/16/13 11:13pm 1/16/13 11:13pm

How Well Do You Know Movies? IMDb Trivia App Puts Your Movie Loving…

IMDb just released a new trivia app for the iPhone that's sure to be a great time spender/waster for any TV and movie buff. There are hundreds of fun little questions that'll work the part of the brain you fried from watching all those movies and shows. » 9/27/11 9:20am 9/27/11 9:20am

Mega Mall Story Lets You Be the King of Mallrats

It's like Tiny Tower which was like SimTower but instead of building a skyscraper you're outfitting a mall. And nothing is more nostalgic (and/or fun) than re-living your mall hangout days, right? You can build your own now! » 8/26/11 3:22pm 8/26/11 3:22pm

Free Fall High Score: Drop Your iPhone Off the Tallest Building to Win…

Now THIS is an iPhone game. Free Fall High Score is a self-described "antagonistic" app where the whole point is to drop your iPhone off the tallest building you can find. The higher, the better. » 8/08/11 6:20pm 8/08/11 6:20pm

Shadow Era Card Game Gets New Cards and Offline Play

Shadow Era, our previous app of the day and my favorite card game for iOS, just got a pretty big update. There are 23 cards—including armor and weapons—offline play, older device support, and some multiplayer changes. The downside is some people are seeing some bugs, so you might want to hold off until those are… » 3/25/11 1:10pm 3/25/11 1:10pm

Rainbow Six Infiltrates the iPhone for $7

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series and its squad-based shooter action is finally on the iPhone with Gameloft's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, complete with three-player online co-op play. There are terrorists to kill (of course!) and character classes. [Kotaku] » 3/17/11 1:47pm 3/17/11 1:47pm

Hobo With a Shotgun: The Game Is Exactly What It Sounds Like Except…

You're familiar with Hobo With a Shotgun by now, aren't you? What started as a joke trailer in Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse was later turned into a real movie that should be hitting theaters next month. Until then, you're strongly encouraged to get your homeless vigilante on with the 8-bit HWaS iOS game. The three… » 3/14/11 4:00pm 3/14/11 4:00pm

Turns Out That an iPhone Game Full of Dinosaurs and Poop Can Be…

Earlier I announced to the world that I'd developed an addiction involving jeeps, dinosaurs, and poop. I finally realized that I should probably explain what on earth I was talking about and why it's not as disgusting as it sounds. » 3/10/11 10:20pm 3/10/11 10:20pm

Chillingo Releases Food Processing, An iOS Game With a Familiar Premise

Chillingo, publisher of Angry Birds and Cut The Rope, released a new app today: Food Processing. Here you're part of a production line, slicing conveyor belt fruits and vegetables. Sound familiar? $1 for iPhone, iPod Touch; $2 for iPad. [iTunes] » 2/24/11 7:52pm 2/24/11 7:52pm

Stick Some Real Deal Gaming Buttons on Your iPhone

Click to viewThis Kickstarter project from Joystickers, a Chicago-based mobile accessories startup, features two nice looking styluses, but they're not what I'm excited about. No, the real I'm-gonna-kick-a-few-bucks-their-way appeal comes with the Classic, a set of simple, stick-on videogame buttons for iPhones,… » 2/23/11 11:20pm 2/23/11 11:20pm

The Best Games For Your Verizon iPhone

Hey Verizon iPhone user! Our gamer dudes at Kotaku made a list of the best games currently on the iPhone, so you can get in on what everyone else has been doing for almost three years. Most of these games are relatively new, so you might also want to try some classics like Fruit Ninja. If you're looking for someone to… » 2/10/11 12:47pm 2/10/11 12:47pm

Riven, the Myst App-Sequel, is a Massive 1GB Download

17 years after Myst twinkled onto Mac computers, we now have Riven, the iOS game. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Riven's broken the barrier for game download-size, measuring in at a bloated 1GB. Well, 1.01GB, to be exact. » 12/15/10 5:20am 12/15/10 5:20am

Flight Control for iPhone Gets Updated With Online Multiplayer And…

Flight Control, the uber-popular iPhone game, recently got an update on iPhone and iPod Touch to include online multiplayer through Game Center. The new multiplayer mode (already available on iPad) is just as addicting as the single player: you land either red planes or blue helicopters and yellow planes and send the… » 12/09/10 11:46am 12/09/10 11:46am

Remove Blocks Carefully in the Official Jenga iPhone App

Jenga's one of those infuriating games which'll lend itself well to the iPhone and iPad. The app's just hit the App Store for $3, but careful you don't throw a hissyfit when everything tumbles around you. [iTunes via Recombu] » 12/09/10 7:00am 12/09/10 7:00am

Maybe the Angry Birds Should Rethink Their Strategy

Click to viewAngry Birds. So addictive! Which is probably why we don't notice that there are some serious logic gaps in both bird and pig strategies. George S. Patton, they're not. » 12/09/10 12:00am 12/09/10 12:00am

The Incident 1.3 Puts the 8-Bit Wonder on Your TV

The Incident, one of our favorite iOS titles at Giz, has a new version out—and it's a biggie. If you've got an iPad and video-out cable, you'll now be able to use your iPhone as a TV controller. » 12/02/10 7:20pm 12/02/10 7:20pm

Heroes Lore Is Another Dose of Vintage RPG for Your iPhone

If old school graphics and traditional RPG gaming are your flavors of choice, EA's Heroes Lore III might make its way onto your iOS device soon. The game—a port of a Korean title—claims 30 hours of SNES-style enjoyment. » 12/01/10 10:00pm 12/01/10 10:00pm

Had Darwin Discovered the Angry Birds...

I imagine his sketches would've looked something like this. Looking for that perfect gift for ornithologist gamers? A printed-out, laminated copy of this drawing would look terrific on their bathroom wall. [Zero-Lives via BuzzFeed via LaughingSquid] » 11/19/10 4:20am 11/19/10 4:20am