TomTom Has Navigation App Already Running On the iPhone; Telenav Likely

If you were one of people who was all about GPS on the iPhone, you will be glad to hear that TomTom already has a version of their navigation software running on the device. Unfortunately, no other details regarding a release date, features or pricing have been released-but it stands a good chance of being the first,… »6/09/08 5:52pm6/09/08 5:52pm

Video: iPhone GPS, Live Tracking, Traffic, and Geotagging

The 3G iPhone's second most persistently rumored and desired feature (or not), GPS is built in for location service hotness, which Steve says is "gonna explode." Location data comes from a combo of cell towers, Wi-Fi and GPS. Google Maps is still the default interface. Wilson says that's it's probable Telenav will… »6/09/08 2:40pm6/09/08 2:40pm

iPhone to Support GPS, Stereo Bluetooth, Nike+, Battle Hackers

As the Second Coming of the JesusPhone looms over the horizon, the rumor pace starts to accelerate, with people digging in the dirt to try to get any clues about what's awaiting in this incarnation of Apple's cellphone. StuffTV is now reporting that—just like Jason wanted—Nike+ will definitely come to the iPhone in a… »4/11/08 8:50am4/11/08 8:50am

iPhone SDK Detail Rumors: No Accessory Support, iTunes-Centric

iLounge says they've gotten an inside look at the iPhone SDK and came up with a few interesting details, one of which is the limitation imposed on developers that they won't be able to use the dock connector to interface with accessories. That means no third-party GPS connector (or other similar devices). What… »2/29/08 12:13pm2/29/08 12:13pm