Best Buy iPhone 4 Launch Inventories: 20-70 Per Store

According to some legitimate-looking inventory sheets, Best Buy will carry anywhere from 20-70 iPhone 4Gs per store for the launch this Thursday—that's in 16GB versions. 32GB versions will be far more rare, with numbers as low as 10 per store. And, iClarified claims that while many Best Buys have ordered white… » 6/21/10 8:11am 6/21/10 8:11am

Apple Sets July 7 Cutoff Date For iPhone App Store Launch

If you want to get your iPhone App into the App Store in time for the July 11 launch, you'll have to submit it by July 7. That's next Monday. If you're one of those kids who always does their homework at the last second, we suspect there's going to be less BBQ and more "OMGWTFBBQ we're not done!" this weekend. And… » 7/02/08 7:15pm 7/02/08 7:15pm

Line Camping Tips and Gadgets For the 3G iPhone Launch

With the WWDC kickoff only days away and the launch of the 3G iPhone imminent, many hardcore geeks will brave the elements outside of their local Apple store in an attempt to be among the first to score a shiny new phone. If you happen to be one of those geeks, the following tips and gadgets will help you survive the… » 6/06/08 4:40pm 6/06/08 4:40pm

Rumor: AT&T Says No Employee Vacations Between June 15 and July 12 For…

According to cellpassion, AT&T's pulling a similar move as Apple did last year, disallowing any employee vacations for a period from June 15 to July 12. If this is true, there's only one reason why AT&T would do this: the 3G iPhone. Why did they pick June 15 when the keynote for WWDC is June 9? Beats me. It seems more… » 5/06/08 2:29pm 5/06/08 2:29pm