10 Ways to Escape From the iPhone Madness

Whew! There is a little too much iPhone stuff going on out there. It's getting a bit overwhelming-even for someone who actually owns one. Not to worry though. If you are tired of all the hype or you are a frustrated Apple hater, welcome to the anti-iPhone oasis. Here you can sit back, relax and learn how to block out… » 7/11/08 4:30pm 7/11/08 4:30pm

10 Examples of the iPhone Making People Crazy

The iPhone is a popular gadget, there is no doubt about it. As with all popular gadgets, people tend to get a little overenthusiastic. This enthusiasm can take multiple forms—like waiting in line for days to get the product, dressing up like the gadget for Halloween, selling cheap knockoffs or completely ridiculous… » 1/25/08 4:45pm 1/25/08 4:45pm