iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 Ready For Download

Attention, developers! Apple's got the third beta of iPhone OS 4.0 and its SDK available for download here. No word yet on what's changed from the previous release, but if you're registered with the iPhone Dev Center, get to it. If you're one of the rest of us, the official public release is expected this summer. » 5/04/10 2:36pm 5/04/10 2:36pm

Shattered Dreams—iPhone Video Chat Might Be Wi-Fi Only

Code trickles promised video chat hiding inside iPhone OS 4, raising hopes and inflating sci-fi fantasies. Now code snippets bring us back to earth, that iPhone video calling might be real but only over Wi-Fi. » 4/27/10 7:29pm 4/27/10 7:29pm

Steve Jobs Responds To Developer Agreement Concerns

Steve Jobs, personal email replier he is these days, responded to a message from a developer regarding this week's SDK kerfuffle. His (characteristically brief) take: "intermediate layers between the platform and the developer ultimately produces sub-standard apps." » 4/10/10 9:06pm 4/10/10 9:06pm

Apple Scrubs "Google" Name From Safari Search Button In iPhone OS 4

Apple's move to ban Adobe's Flash-to-iPhone compiler elicited shrugs from Adobe and complaints from Adobe loyalists. Digging deeper into the OS reveals another, albeit less dramatic slight: Apple scrubbed Google's name from the new OS's Safari search button. » 4/10/10 1:00pm 4/10/10 1:00pm

The Reason Why Apple Is Not Enabling Multitasking In Old iPhones and…

When Jobs announced multitasking for iPhone OS 4, everyone got giddy... until Apple said that this important feature wouldn't work in older iThingies because of "hardware limitations". The hardware, however, fully supports multitasking. Why not enable it, then, Apple? » 4/09/10 6:28pm 4/09/10 6:28pm