Peel + iPhone = The Universal Remote For Regular People

The Peel remote adapter is supposed to be the normal human's version of Logitech's Harmony universal remotes. Harmony remotes, although incredibly competent in controlling everything in your AV system, practically begs for a community college class teaching people how to use it. » 4/07/11 5:00pm 4/07/11 5:00pm

i.TV iPhone App Grows a Remote Control Framework, TiVo Gives It a Whirl

The already first-rate i.TV program schedule app has a fresh trick: a universal remote control framework that could finally turn the iPhone into the ultimate all-in-one-clicker. To prove they're serious about this, they've nabbed a pretty great first partner: TiVo. » 8/17/09 11:10am 8/17/09 11:10am

MythTV's MyMote iPhone Remote App

The idea of controlling your DVR via your iPhone is nothing new, but this MythTV iPhone remote allows Linux DVR users to get in on the fun of using their phones as visual remotes. It's got a real-time program guide so you can easily set recordings, plus the standard channel and volume buttons to flip around channels… » 7/23/08 4:40pm 7/23/08 4:40pm

Apple Remote iPhone App Controls Your iTunes Over Wi-Fi

The App store went live a few minutes ago and the remote app we saw last week went live as well. It controls your iTunes through a screen that looks just like the regular iPhone/iPod touch player, and it only works through Wi-Fi. You can control AppleTVs, too, and you can also control speaker output. » 7/10/08 7:02am 7/10/08 7:02am