Hands-On Vmoda's Vibe Duo Headphones for iPhone (Verdict: Punchy, No Remote)

What made these $100 headphones irresistible Apple store iPhone retail bait? If it was a sin to use white earbuds with a nano, it surely was a sin to use it with a $600 phonepod. They're also the only headphones to launch with the iPhone that explicitly work with the recessed headphone jack. They sound great, but… » 8/02/07 8:52pm 8/02/07 8:52pm

Monster iCarPlay Tested with iPhone (Verdict: GSMBZZZZ)

Monster's iCarPlay tape adapter is total Apple Store iPhone retail bait. Why was it irresistible on checkout? Because fat-jack aside, my old one was highly susceptible to iPhone's self-inflicted GSM buzz: the dreaded EMI that speakers exhibit when placed near cellphones. Did this fix it? Despite the Compatible with… » 7/13/07 4:20pm 7/13/07 4:20pm

Incase Protective iPhone Cover Tested (Verdict: OK)

This Incase Protective cover is the first piece of iPhone retail-bait I couldn't resist in the Apple store. The good: It's the sleekest of all cases in stock there, so it won't make your iPhone look like a Tonka truck; it's rubberized, available in black, red, and grey; and has a neat topographical pattern all over it… » 7/12/07 6:46pm 7/12/07 6:46pm