Apple Rejects CastCatcher 1.3 App for "Transferring Excessive Volumes of Data"

I think Apple's rejection »11/10/08 4:19pm11/10/08 4:19pm of the latest update to CastCatcher—an internet radio app—is the first we've seen because it "transfer[s] excessive volumes of data over the cellular network." Interestingly, the current version, 1.2, is still in the store, and return7's co-founder, Amro Mousa, told us that CastCatcher 1.3…

iPhone 2.1 Will Break OpenClip Copy and Paste Between Apps

OpenClip is an open-source framework that brings copy and pasting between apps »8/22/08 11:45am8/22/08 11:45am to the iPhone (without jailbreaking!) by exploiting the fact that applications can read from another application's documents directory, endrunning the sandbox issue. Apps using the framework look through every app's doc directory for the…

iPhone 2.1 Beta 4 Seeded, Apple Removes Push Notification "For Further Development"

Apple has just seeded iPhone 2.1 beta 4 to developers-uninteresting, really, except for the fact that the push notification service »8/16/08 11:44pm8/16/08 11:44pm has been pulled from the release "for further development." Targeted to hit your iPhone in September, the push service allows apps to receive notifications in the background while…

Facebook Connect for iPhone Will Links Apps to Your Facebook Account

At Facebook's annual f8 conference this afternoon it was revealed that iPhone app developers will be able to integrate apps with Facebook Connect-in other words, apps will be able to link up to and share data with your Facebook account, so your identity will be consistent and linked across apps through your Facebook… »7/23/08 11:01pm7/23/08 11:01pm

iPhone App Devs Still Gagged by Non-Disclosure Agreement, Mad as F'n Hell About It

As we covered in our case for still needing the iPhone app black market, developers are gagged by a non-disclosure agreement that keeps them from talking about actually programming the iPhone with anybody, even though sharing info would help app development. Surprise, developers don't like that. So now we have Fucking… »7/23/08 6:40pm7/23/08 6:40pm

iPhone SDK Beta 5 Now Up: Bug Fixes, Updated OS Support

Besides supporting the latest iPhone OS version, beta 5 doesn't do a whole lot else besides throwing in small tweaks to the UI, tweaks to the developers tools and some bug fixes. No big feature addition like last time, but you gotta update if you're making iPhone apps. You just gotta! There probably won't be very many… »5/06/08 11:29pm5/06/08 11:29pm

iPhone SDK Beta 4 Now Available, Comes with OpenGL ES 3D Graphics Support

The latest iPhone SDK is now available, and unlike last time, it actually comes with an awesome new feature: OpenGL ES support! Now the iPhone simulator can render OpenGL ES that "mirror behavior on the iPhone and iPod Touch." The ES in OpenGL ES stands for embedded systems, and is the official graphics API in both… »4/23/08 11:37pm4/23/08 11:37pm