SF iPhone Store Closes to Much Moaning, Bitching, and Gnashing of Teeth

What are these people angry at? No, it isn't not being able to get an iPhone, it's not being able to get into the Apple store when they closed it down at 2PM to prepare for the 6PM launch. Apparently either some people's watches were a little off, or Apple closed the store down a little early, but they're pissed at… » 6/29/07 6:13pm 6/29/07 6:13pm

The First Person in the AT&T iPhone Line Doesn't Know What the Hell…

Click to viewWe're at the AT&T store in SF and quizzing line campers on the iPhone. People who got the questions right get a free limited edition Gizmodo iPhone shirt. Those who don't, get the whole internet laughing at him/her. It's like camping out for a Star Wars movie and not knowing what a Lightsaber is. » 6/29/07 4:25pm 6/29/07 4:25pm