Apple Fined Less than a Thousand Bucks in iPhone Tracking Lawsuit

Remember when our iPhones were keeping a detailed history of everywhere we've ever been, and we were all disturbed by it? Well there's finally some sweet, sweet justice, courtesy of a South Korean lawyer. His payout? $946! Yeah! Wait, what? » 7/14/11 8:57am 7/14/11 8:57am

iSpy: Apple Will Fix the iPhone Location Problem

Surprise! Apple's broken their silence on the iPhone location tracking controversy with an amazingly self-contradictory Q&A press release. Most notable: they say the massive data cache goes too far, and will be fixed in an impending software update. » 4/27/11 8:57am 4/27/11 8:57am

Apple's Already Being Sued Over the iPhone Tracking Scandal

News of the tracking bug in Apple's iPhone and iPads broke only six days ago, but already Apple's been hit with a lawsuit by two customers, with the possibility of it being elevated to class action status. » 4/26/11 6:50am 4/26/11 6:50am

Will Foreign Governments Get an Answer Out of Apple?

South Korea is officially on Apple's ass, looking for an answer about the company's hidden tracking scandal. But they're not alone: France, Germany, and Italy are also beginning privacy investigations. With Apple remaining silent, this may be our best shot. » 4/25/11 1:56pm 4/25/11 1:56pm

iSpy Conspiracy: Break Apple's Secret Tracking with This App

Not entirely cool with the idea of your iPhone or iPad following your every move without your consent? Understandable! Luckily, only a day after the privacy revelation, a fix has been cooked up that switches off Apple's covert tracking. » 4/21/11 11:18am 4/21/11 11:18am