It’s A Case! It’s A Battery! It’s A Projector! It’s … ALL OF THEM

Sometimes, smartphone screens are just not big enough. Linking it to a projector is helpful but it's hardly portable and before you know it, the battery's gone. The Monolith, a triple-threat iPhone case that works as a projector and a battery pack, can light up your room while keeping your gear booboo-free. »10/14/11 5:40pm10/14/11 5:40pm


iPhone Cases For Tweeters, As Created By a Nike Designer

My feelings about phone cases align with my feelings about keeping the plastic-wrap on sofas, but I've got to say that Case-Mate's Waddler iPhone 4 cases are dead-gorgeous. Designed by Nike artist Eric Arlen Anthony Hope, the former design director of Nike's "Sports Inspired" line, the pebbled effect matches those… »2/15/11 4:40am2/15/11 4:40am