Breaking Down the First 24 Hours of the Android Marketplace and the iPhone App Store

The folks at Medialets have put together a number-crunching comparison of the iPhone App Store »10/23/08 4:31pm10/23/08 4:31pm and the after the first 24 hours. There is nothing really Earth-shattering in the data, but it does provide some insight into the similarities between iPhone and G1 users. Basically, it illustrates that both parties are…

Some Insight Into Apple's App Store Rejections - No Rumble For Force Feedback

iPhone App de-listing may be mysterious process that takes place behind an opaque curtain of mystery, but TUAW discovered that the approval process is just as undecipherable. Two developers contacted them recently to fill them in on why their apps were rejected, one of which-rejected because they used vibration in a… »8/11/08 1:40pm8/11/08 1:40pm

iPhone App Store Launch Details: 25% Free Out Of 500+ Total

Steve Jobs gave the NYT a bunch of details on the upcoming iPhone App Store. It's opening Thursday with "more than 500 software applications," 25% of which will be free, and 90% of which will be $9.99 or less. If we're talking software developers, they get 70% of the revenues while Apple pockets 30%. Jobs compared the… »7/10/08 2:18am7/10/08 2:18am

iPhone App Store Developers Have Size and Price Limits: 2GB and $999

AppleInsider has a scoop on the iPhone App Store and the limitations Apple is placing on them. Each individual app will have a hard limit of 2GB, as well as a ceiling of $999 for each app. These two look like pretty reasonable limits for all but the most extreme of cases. If someone wants to charge more than $0, the… »6/13/08 12:59pm6/13/08 12:59pm