iPhoneyGate Finale: Cisco and Apple Hug it Out and Share the iPhone Name

It was just announced that Apple and Cisco will share the usage of iPhone. » 2/21/07 10:23pm 2/21/07 10:23pm

Additional clauses in the agreement state that Steve Jobs will stop calling Cisco's VOIP phones, "Total pieces of garbage built on incredibly bad taste", and that Cisco will be allowed to sit with the "Cool Kids" in the Cafeteria.

Apple and Cisco iPhone Trademark Lawsuit: Deadline Today

Today is Apple's deadline to respond to Cisco's iPhone trademark lawsuit. We wonder what will happen. Likely, since this is the US legal system, they'll ask for an extension. » 2/15/07 8:14pm 2/15/07 8:14pm

iPhoneyGate: Dlink VOIP Phone Config'd To "LinksysSucks"

Rivalries are entertaining to watch. You've got Pepsi and Coke, Paris and Lindsay, and apparently there's one between networking giants Dlink and Linksys, the latter being infamous for iPhoneyGate. Yahoo Tech's Chris Null received a reviewable engineering sample of DLink's revolutionary GSM/VOIP combo cellphone two… » 12/21/06 10:36am 12/21/06 10:36am

The iPhone is Dead: Long Live the Apple Cellphone Thingy-Ma-Bob

Apple doesn't own the iPhone trademark. What does that mean? This isn't a simple case of cybersquatting, as with the hijacked sex.com. Nor is it an academic exercise, like when Josh Quittner bought McDonalds.com for a Wired story. » 12/17/06 11:51pm 12/17/06 11:51pm

The iPhone Lives: But the Trademark Belongs to Cisco

It's not what any of us expected. The iPhone is a voip phone made by Linksys. Cisco, their parent company, has owned that trademark since 1996. And they're announcing their product in a few hours. » 12/17/06 11:50pm 12/17/06 11:50pm