Why Apple Won't Miss Aperture, and Neither Should You

Aperture, Apple's pro software for cataloging and editing photos, is being put out to pasture. The move is indicative of what many see as the company's continuing drift away from robust, capable software. But there probably won't be many tears shed for good ol' Aperture, which always seemed to be running an uphill… » 6/27/14 2:42pm 6/27/14 2:42pm

iLife and iWork: Better, But More Importantly Free

Along with the flurry of hardware updates, Apple announced substantial upgrades to iLife and iWork. Features run the gamut from seamless integration with iOS to powerful automation tricks like a robotic drummer. And like OS X Mavericks, everything is available immediately, for free. » 10/22/13 1:55pm 10/22/13 1:55pm

iWork, iPhoto and Safari Updated With New Mountain Lion-Powered…

If you're a frequent iWork user, you might want to update to the latest version, which lets you to sync your docs with iCloud (so that you can view and edit on other Mac and iOS devices), and includes full support for the MacBook Pro Retina display (no more blurries!). 9to5mac says the update also includes support for… » 7/25/12 10:01am 7/25/12 10:01am

iPhoto for iPad Hands On: Pretty and a Little Stupid?

You can buy a $5 version of iPhoto for your iPad and iPhone now. You can edit your photos to make them look better, on your handheld Apple device. It looks very handsome. But it's also confusing, superfluous, and a little dumb. » 3/08/12 3:08pm 3/08/12 3:08pm

Why Apple Doesn't Need Google Maps Anymore

The new version of iPhoto doesn't seem to use Google Maps for the map features in Journals and Slideshows. It's a small departure, sure, but it signals a much bigger play. Because thing is, Apple doesn't really need Google Maps anymore. And it's only a matter of time until it severs those ties completely. » 3/08/12 10:38am 3/08/12 10:38am

iWork and iLife Apps Updated, iPhoto Now Available For iOS

To take advantage of its fancy new retina display, higher res camera, and boosted processor, the iWork and iLife apps for iOS have all been updated today. And since that new display will make working with photos a treat, Apple also introduced an iOS version of iPhoto. » 3/07/12 2:23pm 3/07/12 2:23pm

If You're Not Apple, You Need to Stop with the iNames

In the lead-up to CES my inbox is flooded with literally hundreds of pitches every day. I swear, one out of five has been for an iSomething. None of them were from Apple. iNeed you to friggin' stop it. » 1/04/12 1:30pm 1/04/12 1:30pm

iCloud's Photo Syncing Is Terrible (And Creepy)

iCloud's out today! And a lot of computing lives just got easier, assuming you could get all the requisite software to download and install. But one thing isn't cloudily fun: Photo Stream. It's a mess. » 10/12/11 5:21pm 10/12/11 5:21pm

Facial Recognition: It's Not Creepy, So Get Over It

Facial recognition, like targeted advertising before it, is the internet's newest bogeyman. Many have an instant aversion to their faces being scanned by a computer. You shouldn't. With the right caveats, the tech's like robot vacuums: helpful, not scary. » 7/27/11 12:30pm 7/27/11 12:30pm

iOS 5 Code Hints at Built-in iPhone Panoramic Camera

Life just keeps getting better for you iOS'ers out there. A photo from 9 to 5 Mac shows code that would add a panoramic camera mode to iOS 5's final release. And the good news doesn't stop with pano-capabilities. iOS 5 is also built to play HD videos in full 1080p, something that's all too appropriate if they're going… » 6/09/11 4:24pm 6/09/11 4:24pm

iPhoto'11 on the iPad Feels Exactly Like an iPad App

There's no iPhoto app, which is really bad because I want to be able to tag and organize my photos on the iPad. The good news: it may not be far way. After all, iPhoto '11 is iPad ready today. » 5/24/11 3:00pm 5/24/11 3:00pm

iLife '11: The Best New Tricks in iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand

At last, there's a new version of iLife. It's got all new, enhanced versions of the major apps. They're pretty fancy looking, and they've got a whole bag of new tricks, like automagic movie trailers. » 10/20/10 1:10pm 10/20/10 1:10pm

Aperture 3 Fix Promises Improved Stability (But Still Might Gobble HDDs)

Apple quickly put out a patch for Aperture 3 to improve stability and resolve issues for a great many things including:
• Upgrading libraries from earlier versions of Aperture
• Importing libraries from iPhoto
• Importing photos directly from a camera
• Memory usage when processing heavily-retouched photos
• Face… » 2/24/10 5:19pm 2/24/10 5:19pm

Aperture 3 Swallowing Hard Drives Whole With Crazy Memory Leak

Lotsa people are having serious memory leak problems with Aperture 3—even our Wilson, who woke up this morning to find that Aperture had eaten his entire hard drive, using it all for virtual memory. » 2/15/10 5:07pm 2/15/10 5:07pm

Flickr Group Collects All The Things iPhoto Thinks Are Faces

As you probably know, iPhoto's facial recognition feature likes to spot visages in odd places. Like a ball of cookie dough that looked like a panda. Now, there's a place for even more delightful mistakes. » 4/06/09 6:00pm 4/06/09 6:00pm

iPhoto 8.0.2 Update Improves Recognition, Geotagging; Still Sees Faces…

I noticed that the iPhoto 8.0.2 update had some new UI options, so I asked the Apple mothership what all the update covered. Turns out, it solves a few of my original problems: » 4/02/09 9:20pm 4/02/09 9:20pm

iPhoto Discovers Face in Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

iPhoto's face detection isn't perfect, but we can't blame the software for spotting a face in this unbaked batch of cookies. » 4/02/09 4:20pm 4/02/09 4:20pm

iPhoto May Use Future iPhone GPS Functionality To Geotag With Any Camera

None of this is available now, but a resource screen found in iPhoto '09 shows some interesting possible-future technology that may let you geotag your photos even if the camera didn't have a GPS module. » 2/23/09 8:00pm 2/23/09 8:00pm

iPhoto '09: The Definitive Review and Tip Sheet

If you couldn't tell from yesterday's facial recognition special, I've been immersed in iPhoto '09—just me and 30,000 photos. Here's my full rundown of the app, plus tips to make it work better and faster. » 1/30/09 8:00am 1/30/09 8:00am

What To Know About iPhoto '09 Face Detection and Recognition

In testing iPhoto '09 for my full review, I plowed through more than 30,000 photos using over 40 identified faces, mostly human. Here's how iPhoto's face detection and recognition works—and doesn't work: » 1/29/09 8:00am 1/29/09 8:00am