Flickr Group Collects All The Things iPhoto Thinks Are Faces

As you probably know, iPhoto's facial recognition feature likes to spot visages in odd places. Like a ball of cookie dough that looked like a panda. Now, there's a place for even more delightful mistakes. » 4/06/09 6:00pm 4/06/09 6:00pm

iPhoto Discovers Face in Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

iPhoto's face detection isn't perfect, but we can't blame the software for spotting a face in this unbaked batch of cookies. » 4/02/09 4:20pm 4/02/09 4:20pm

iPhoto '09: The Definitive Review and Tip Sheet

If you couldn't tell from yesterday's facial recognition special, I've been immersed in iPhoto '09—just me and 30,000 photos. Here's my full rundown of the app, plus tips to make it work better and faster. » 1/30/09 8:00am 1/30/09 8:00am

What To Know About iPhoto '09 Face Detection and Recognition

In testing iPhoto '09 for my full review, I plowed through more than 30,000 photos using over 40 identified faces, mostly human. Here's how iPhoto's face detection and recognition works—and doesn't work: » 1/29/09 8:00am 1/29/09 8:00am