Hands On the Timex Ironman iControl (Verdict: Great, But...)

Click to viewTimex teamed up with Apple for this Ironman iControl watch, which is pretty much a standard workout watch with one major difference: It has iPod controls on it. Communicating with your iPod via a little dongle that plugs into an iPod's universal docking port, you're able to control play/pause, volume up… »8/02/07 12:00am8/02/07 12:00am

Philips Buying DLO, Thinks iPod Accessories are Wave of the Future

Philips, always on the bleeding edge of the consumer electronics industry, has decided to buy DLO, makers of all sorts of iPod accessories. Do you think iPod accessories will be popular? Philips is like the Nostradamus of gadgets, so I bet this means that this sector is really going to take off, although it might take… »4/13/07 12:10pm4/13/07 12:10pm